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Addressing Common Myths Relating to Your Move and Hiring Professional Movers

Addressing Common Myths Relating to Your Move and Hiring Professional Movers

For anyone that has, at anytime, been in charge of moving a home or business you know how much planning is involved. There are so many pieces that must be coordinated correctly for your move to go smoothly.  In order to help you have a seamless relocation experience, let’s look at some common misunderstandings you might run into during your future move.

Myth 1: Moves are Messy

Your move can be orderly and smooth. Take some time in advance to walk through each of the steps and PLAN it the same way that you plan your day. Just like your daily routine, a smooth move can be set up just as structured. If you were to throw your socks all over the house, you have a mess; the same goes with boxes and packing materials. Place like items in a convenient area for packing, just as you would put socks in the hamper.

Having your boxes, labels, tape, scissors and packing materials in one spot will help you keep track of your supplies. Labeling each box and putting note or color coding tape per room on each box will give you the visual cues to make unloading at the new location more organized. And breaking down the boxes and stacking them in one location after use will help clean up go much faster.

Myth 2: Mover will Damage my Property

The real question that you need to ask yourself is, how much time have you spent as a professional packer or mover?  I would guess, not much. When you hire a professional moving company, you will get a reliable moving crew – not some random crew that was just hired off the corner. Most of these teams have a minimum of months to years of moving and packing experience. They do this for a living, every day. All you have to do is point out what items you are concerned with that are fragile and the real professionals will surely be able to pack these items and move them with much more success than you could yourself.

Myth 3: Tape is Tape

Duct tape, masking tape, painters tape, there are so many types of tape on the market today, but not all tape is equal! Some tapes are just not made to adhere to cardboard and others may leave a film behind that you will spend hours trying to remove from furniture surfaces. Packing tape is made to do the best job for your move. It is strong, flexible, sticks well to cardboard, and can be trusted not to let loose when you need it to hold tight. Make sure you are using the correct tape for your move!

Myth 4: Weekend Moves Starting on Friday are the Best

Understanding the cost savings of moving during non-peak days and months will help you feel like a winner when scheduling your move. Though there are some advantages for moving on a Friday (like being able to unpack over the weekend) they may not outweigh the savings. Consider how many other people are out there trying to book their weekend move at the same time as you. It is easier to lock in an early or mid-week move and that means that you can save on moving expenses, too. Remember that you should always contract your movers well in advance to guarantee your best move dates.

Myth 5: Any Local Mover will do

Moving companies are so varied in experience, insurance, reputation, and available resources such as trucks and teams, that they cannot be thrown into the same bucket. It is important to compare apples to apples. Professional moving companies come highly trained, insured, and have the resources to relocate you locally, intrastate, interstate and globally. There is a large amount of additional moving services available that can help your move go smoother. In many cases, you’ll find these with more established, professional moving companies. Consider the cost of hiring a low budget mover and what you could be dealing with if your move goes poorly! Additionally, a professional mover can provide you peace of mind during a stressful time.

The Truth About The Liberty Group

At moving time, you need a partner who understands the relocation process and can take on much of the burden on your behalf. Over 53% of consumers use United Vanlines and Mayflower when planning a relocation.

Residential Moving

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Commercial Moving

Liberty Moving provides organizations a vast array of resources that allow you to keep your costs low and improve efficiencies, all while maintaining high quality standards. As a long-term partner with nearly 300 additional service providers, The Liberty Group is able to give you seamless commercial moving service to all the local (and long distance) options your company needs. Learn more at https://thelibertygroupcompany.com/commercial-moving/#commercial-moving

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