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Bar-coded  Asset Tracking

Bar-coded  Asset Tracking

Track your expensive assets and always stay on top of your equipment with Bar-coded  Asset Tracking from The Liberty Group.

No more Spreadsheets. Avoid losses. Track Equipment.

Industries can certainly gain advantage from scan-based inventory system for asset management. It will speeds up processing of transactions and easily cancels out errors without incurring hardware cost as in the recent past.

Nothing can be more critical to effective management of fixed assets than starting off with an accurate fixed asset inventory. You can track your assets no matter where they are. They can be at remote locations, on the service van, in the office or even in the field. Not only can you scan, access and collect information from the central database at anytime most often you can attach an image to the asset transaction to verify the item you are tracking.

Barcodes are incredibly versatile. They are not just meant for libraries and retail stores anymore. Corporations and government agencies have been tracking equipment for many years – now businesses of any size can benefit with how they allow you to track information every single day.

Let us assist you in tracking assets that are moved from various locations and offices, or while in storage at our facility.

The Liberty Group is a company you can rely on for end to end logistics solutions worldwide. We provide single source accountability and liability from beginning to end.

Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to become a leader in the commercial logistics field delivering dependable results for our customers. Whether we are assisting with health care equipment, retail fixtures, or resort properties, we fully leverage our technology platform to provide a wide variety of services. We offer comprehensive, real time inventory and reporting, warehousing services, installation, and much more. Contact us today for a custom solution for our business! 1/800-524-0567 https://thelibertygroupcompany.com/moving-services/logistics/

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