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Bustling Holiday Moving Myths

Bustling Holiday Moving Myths

In this article we hope to bust up some of the most-commonly-heard myths on holiday moving. And while summer-moves hit the top of the list, for many, it is hard to believe that the winter holidays take a firm 2nd place among the “busiest time of the year” for movers.

There are many reasons that the winter is convenient for a re-location. Office, sales and administrative staff often find that it’s so much easier to have time off approved as business winds down for yearend (and there is often vacation time remaining to be used before the end of the year). For families and college students, the holiday break provides a near-perfect time to relocate without disturbing studies too much. Holiday breaks often provide an extra day or so off to settle in before getting back to work or school.

COVID-19 is still a concern as we wrap up 2021 and many families are again keeping their family gatherings small and local. With this in mind, you may feel at ease missing the family gathering in order to make your holiday move.

Moving-Myth #1: Holiday Moves are Selfish

Choosing to move during the holidays isn’t a selfish thing to do. So don’t worry. You can still make most of the family activities with a little pre-planning.

Moving during the holidays may be the best option for those that do not want to wait until summertime. Some of your time will be limited but if you contact your family and let them know in advance, you may find little difference in your celebrations. You may even be able to entice some of your family who are in town for the festivities to lend you a hand for a couple hours, with proper persuasion!

Remember that you must be prepared, if you want to be able to relocate to your new home while making time for your annual celebrations.

Moving-Myth #2: Be Patient and the Christmas Moving-Miracle will happen

NO! All professional moving requires a well-thought-out plan. You cannot procrastinate when it comes to scheduling a move during the holidays. There are many people who rent storage space just for their holiday surprises. Keep in mind that movers have families also, and many will be requesting time off. That translated to “reduced availability” of staff if the moving company gets a last-minute request for your move.

The best movers fill their schedules early. So be aware and get multiple quotes. Pay attention to low ball offers and check licenses, US DOT records and online reviews, from multiple sources, for the movers you consider using.

Need storage for your move? Many storage facilities frequently have reduced hours for the holidays. Some self-storage facilities may even close on the specific days you may want to move on such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s. Keep in mind as well that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many self-storage facilities may even be operating in a contactless format. These are items you will want to cover as you are searching for storage facilities. 

Moving-Myth #3: No one else is moving. This should be easy.

Moving is a busy time, no matter what season you choose to move in. In the winter months, there are additional things you may need to take into consideration for your holiday move:

  • Family and Friends Schedules. Your close friends will always want to be there for you to lend a hand but taking the extra time to be considerate of their calendars will surely be appreciated. Be certain to share your moving date with your family and your friends. If for some reason they cannot assist when you would like them to, you can give them other options. Invite them to prepare a meal, pet-sit, entertain your children for a time or even help with packing boxes in your old home or with unpacking boxes in your new home.
  • Be Weather-Wise and More! It is not just the snow, slush, freezing rain and cold temperatures to watch out for. Street closures, holiday events and parades, special parking arrangements are just a few of the other unexpected items to watch for. Holiday travelers may make your normal travel times longer between destinations. You also need to be uniquely aware of changing conditions on the roadways due to weather. Road closures in the Northeast USA are common in the winter months and could delay the arrival of your moving truck. You will want to be able to stay in close contact with your moving manager if poor weather is in the forecast.
  • School Transfers. It will be important that you inform your child’s teachers of the pending move as soon as you are aware so that they can start preparing your child’s records and work with them on being prepared to adjust to the new school more easily. Moving mid-schoolyear is not as hard on the teachers and will enable them to assist new students with more focused attention than if at the beginning of the new school year.

Proper Planning is Everything

As soon as you know that you will be moving during the holidays start getting things done in advance. Having your holiday shopping done in the months before your move will take a lot of stress off your shoulders. Fill out and have those holiday cards posted, ready to drop in the mailbox. It is a good idea to include your move date and new address in your holiday cards so that everyone gets an advance notice of your relocation.

Prearrange cable, internet, utilities, and other installation appointments. Don’t forget to set a date for your change of address, prescription transfers and collect and transfer your medical records as well as the records for your pets.

Remember to Enjoy the Holidays

By taking the steps to prepare in advance for your holiday move, you’ll be sure to have more time to enjoy the festivities of the season. When scheduling your time for your move, make sure to schedule some time to enjoy the holidays as well! Spending time with friends and family will help reduce the stress that you may be experiencing from the move itself. If you will be in your new location before the holidays, box up some of your favorite decorations and label “open first” to be sure to have a touch of the season in your new home to enjoy.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy the season of giving. As you are packing and preparing to relocate, box up un-needed items to be donated to local charities. You will feel lighter by giving.

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