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Determining Your Commercial Moving Budget with a Moving Checklist from The Liberty Group (Part 1)

Determining Your Commercial Moving Budget with a Moving Checklist from The Liberty Group (Part 1)

Planning to move your business is a very important decision requiring great preparation. As a business owner or manager, you’ve likely taken in all the considerations of location, office size, and the impact the move may have on your clients and staff. As with any important business decision, your company makes, choosing to make the move can be a time-consuming process. In addition, the numerous choices you’ll make before and during the move will require the same amount of attention and planning. Determining a moving budget and having a moving checklist will help to ensure that you’ve completed all steps and that you’ve prepared as much as possible for an uneventful move. The pre-planning that you invest into a move will help with reduced employee stress as well as your own.

Determining Your Commercial Move Budget

There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to determining your commercial move budget. You will need to collect bids from various vendors and compare the services they’re offering. From the initial real estate contract, office design & furnishings, to the IT and communication services, you’ll likely find a good deal of planning is required before your actual move date.

Understanding Your Office Space Needs

Whether you’re growing or downsizing, understanding the office space needs is imperative. Once you determine the approximate location you would like to relocate to, you’ll need to negotiate the costs of the space. Will this space need to accommodate staff, clients, and or vendors? Will you need additional desk or storage space, file room(s), break rooms, etc.? Once you have made you decision for an office space planner, there will be decisions in reference to the layout of the space, builders approval of the layout, the seemingly never ending inspections and in the end, the final punch list for the builders. There will also be building maintenance to be considered, including interior and the exterior of the building (if you will be managing).

Choosing Your Office Design

The interior design and flow of your office will ultimately determine the productivity and usefulness of your new location. Communicating with your current staff the current use of space and the future needs and sharing that information with your architect and space planners will ensure your have covered the bases. Meeting with your PR consultants and or advertising agency will help you determine your company’s identity in the new space. Once the design of the office is complete, you’ll need to choose colors, paint, fixtures, carpet, furnishing and lighting, etc. Each of these will require taking the time to research, request and review service bids and selecting the final vendors to install, deliver and set up items.

The key to planning a successful move is to stay organized!

We hope that you have found value in the information we have shared in the first section of this 2-part series. Please download our Premium Office Relocation Planner to take advantage of all the information we have introduced in this series to help you stay organized during your commercial relocation. This guide has the checklists, vendor organizers, and complete budget planner you need to implement the best office moving practices. You’ll know the time frame that you should begin preparing for the move, what steps you need to consider, and which professionals you should involve in the process. We have worked to compile the most comprehensive guide possible to help you make smarter decisions during your business relocation, and we will continue to update this guide as we research the latest innovations in office relocation. 

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