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Responsibilities you need to address when ending your lease

The time may come when you choose to relocate to another space that you’ve rented or purchased. Even in difficult times like the COVID 19 Crisis, you may be faced with the decision to shut down a business entirely. In these circumstances, you’ll need a professional moving company to relocate the contents of your space. But what happens to all the furniture, filing cabinets, computer workstations and paperwork? Did you know that The Liberty Group long term storage, short term storage and Office Space Decommissioning and Surrender Services?

If you’re not familiar with the lease surrender process or space decommissioning, we’re here to help you understand what can be involved.

Preparing Your Space

A lease surrender service will provide you with the professional assistance you need to restore your space to the appropriate condition.

Your contracted leasing agreement will have requirements specifically noting the condition that your space must be in upon return to the owner. Most of these requirements are standard but some are unique to the business type.

Some standard conditions can include simple tasks such as sweeping and vacuuming, painting and patching, removing signage, other items like removing data cabling, phone systems and other specifics.

Dismantling phone or data cabling from within walls, also known as cable wrecking, may require specialized services.

The specifics of the requirements will depend in part on whether the space will be renovated after your departure. However, if your lease contains rules about the condition of your space, you need to review these requirements to ensure that you meet them at lease termination.

Regardless of the time you have spent in your leased space, we recommend allotting time to prepare for the final walk-through.

The Liberty Group Provides These Office Space Decommissioning and Surrender Services:

  • Lease Review – Our team will verify, based on the conditions of your contract, that the property meets the conditions agreed upon at the time of your lease agreement. We will meet with the property managers to make sure all elements of the contract are met.
  • Cable Wrecking/Cabling Removal – Removal of phone and data cabling is typically required by most leases. No matter where it is installed, it all needs to go. The Liberty Group annually decommissioned many thousands of feet of cabling from a variety of office types!
  • Cleaning and Light Repairs – Once your office has been vacated, it will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Nail holes will need to be patched, mounting hardware for art and video devices will need to be removed from walls. A new coat of paint is often required for that crisp clean appearance needed to relist. Due to daily use, the carpets and windows and flooring will need to be cleaned and any remaining garbage will need to be removed.

Remember, You Do It for Everyone’s Benefit!

When you contract with The Liberty Group, all of these services will be completed for you (based on your needs).

Let us dispose of any unwanted materials that surface during the moving process.

Moves often involve getting rid of old, unnecessary items. Our e-waste disposal is certified as a green method, because we care about the environment as much as we care about helping you move quickly and soundly.

Our recycle / decommission services include:

  • Space Decommissioning
  • Furniture Recycling
  • Liquidation Assistance
  • E-waste Certification & Disposal
  • Secured Document Shredding Services
  • Purge and Recycle Bins

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