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Fear Not the Move

Fear Not the Move

The feeling of fear before and during the moving process often overcomes the excitement and anticipation of starting out with a blank slate in a new location. Frequently, people feel overcome by anxiety over the mere thought of relocating. Let’s address these fears head on!

“To overcome fear, here’s all you have to do: realize the fear is there and do the action you fear anyway.” — Peter McWilliams

The act of relocating isn’t truly difficult for most of our customers. More often than not, it’s all the fears of something going wrong which create a sense of being unsettled. Yes, there will be challenges, but most can be handled with proper pre-move planning and hiring a quality mover. You surely will miss some of your favorite places and people, but that should not cause you to fear as with social media and the internet they will always be able connect with you. The changing of a routine is probably a bit more uncomfortable to deal with. But new routines are usually formed within 2-3 weeks. You will settle in and find your stride, not to worry.

Moving is the beginning of a new adventure. A new start with so many new possibilities. You will never be challenged to grow from staying in your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone will take you to higher places!

Now is the time to clearly face your fears so that you can enter this new stage in life with a clean slate and positive outlook.

Why Fear of the Unknown

It’s very common to fear what we can’t control. You don’t know what the next days, weeks and months will bring. You’re certainly concerned if you’ll fit in at the new job, school or in the new neighborhood. You will surely survive and rise to each of these new challenges. If you are an adult, you have had to deal with each of these situations before and you have succeeded 100% of the time. Now how is that for a record? Though your new situation will not be familiar it does not mean that it will be bad. Do not let the “what if’s” cause you to be anxious, use them to give you drive!

Staying positive is the key to not fearing a move. Stay focused on the reasons you are moving and the benefits that will come from relocating. Remind yourself of your goals – both short and long term. Think about where you will be in 5 years, not where you were last year, there is no way to go back in time, forge ahead with confidence!

Fear of Learning to Navigate a New City

For people who just love a well-worn routine, moving can be very difficult. Routines will all change, at least those that take place out of the home. But fear not, with a simple online tool like Google Maps you can now learn your entire neighborhood with a simple online search. With street view, you can get a feel of the roads and sidewalks you’ll be traveling once your move is completed. You can map out a morning stroll to a new favorite coffee spot or dog park. You can see how far it is to a salon, school, grocery store or gym. With other online tools you can map out new runs if that’s among your interests. You will also be able to get a feel for the neighborhood and which ones areas to avoid.

You can get used to some of the roads, highways, and recreation areas, learn the exits you will need to take to get to and from work and where to get gas, groceries, doctors and vets.

Knowing more of these things before you go will ease your concerns and give you some peace of mind. You may even begin to get excited about all there is new to discover!

But don’t just look at the maps, start watching the local news stations online, especially the weather forecasts, traffic alerts and local interest stories. There are great neighborhood apps like Next Door that will have you learning more and connecting with new friends right away.

The more you learn about your new home, the less you’ll have to fear as you get settled in.

Fear of the Cost of Professional Mover

Professional moving services take time, and yes, money. But as you’re shopping, consider what you’re negotiating for and the real peace of mind that comes with hiring a pro mover.

  • Know what your budget will allow
  • Consider free packing material resources if you choose not to purchase new boxes and packaging
  • Carefully select your mover
  • Always get multiple quotes and remember the best price for your move may cost you more in the end – select your mover wisely
  • Carefully select additional services based on need and budget
  • Schedule your move in advance and save by avoiding peak moving
  • Donate unneeded possessions to reduce final moving cost as your move is partially based on the weight of your possessions
  • If you can – pack your own stuff – learn how to use packing techniques to save space and materials, be sure to carefully pack fragile items
  • Advanced planning will ensure you are prepared for moving day and extra charges

Fear of Losing your Belongings 

We can easily understand why one may fear that their most cherished possessions may not survive the move. It is hard seeing everything you own in life (along with so many memories) loaded on a truck and driving off. Fear Not!

When packing to move, pack with care. Choose the correct packing materials for the job. Different types of items require different packaging (or choose the additional service of having your belongings packed by experienced packers). Carefully choose experienced, trustworthy movers to take care of your possessions and check their references! Feel even more at ease by purchasing the moving insurance.

Let the Professional Moving Company Worry about the Logistics

You don’t have to worry about getting gas, driving at night, getting a flat tire, renting a moving truck, dealing with poor driving conditions or traffic, and so much more! WHY? Because if you hired The Liberty Group, you hired true professional movers!

Contracted the pro team at The Liberty Group to complete your move, just meet them at your new location and start a new chapter in your life “head on” and without fear!

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