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The Liberty Group at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

The Liberty Group at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Liberty Group Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Photos

An event as large as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade includes a tremendous amount of coordination and general logistics, Liberty Group was there to help!.

Liberty Group Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Liberty Group Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
For example each building size balloon can way about 400 pounds. In addition to the balloon having to be delivered and set up on site, to inflate can take on average 12,000 cubic feet of helium (which also must be delivered).
Each balloon is “handled” by 90 people and roped also to a vehicle to keep it under control.
All of this for each balloon, and there were 17 of them this year!
The balloons are inflated the day before and topped off the morning of the parade. Having this happen prior to the parade date helps with getting trucks in to unload and get moved to the end of the parade route to be re-loaded.
At the end of the parade route there are big canvas mats, where they place the balloons, open their flaps, and release the helium. Once on the ground many of the handlers will lay across parts of the balloons to help get the air our faster and prepare the balloon to be folded/rolled back into a size that will fit on the trucks to be taken away from the parade route, possibly in route to another parade…

Liberty Group Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Liberty Group Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
Each of these balloons are handled with the outmost of care as they cost millions to make. The first cartoon character balloon was Felix the Cat made his debut in 1931 (though some will argue it was 1927). In the early years they used to let the balloons just float away after the parade and many popped shortly after release. You won’t ever see that happen now!
The Liberty Group takes pride in helping , even in just this small way, to bring joy to so many faces this holiday season. We love our community and are thankful for our wide variety of clients we have the pleasure of serving. From hauling parade balloons, office furnishings, hospital equipment or managing building maintenance, we take the time to do the best job possible!

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