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Liberty Move Project Management

Liberty Move Project Management

The Liberty Group offers full service Move Project Management (MPM) services. Your designated team is with you from planning to completion for your entire corporate, medical, manufacturing or government move.

You can designate a single point of contact who is the “leader” of the move team within your organization.

Our team will assist you in creating a checklist of what you wish to accomplish with the move.

There are many questions to be answered!

  • Is your company downsizing? Expanding?
  • Does your company plan to purchase new furniture?
  • Will you require storage?

There is a lot to consider during a move and a clear scope of work and proper planning is the key to a seamless relocation.

First Step – Identify a target move date and when you will secure a Certificate of Occupancy at the new space.

Your move timeline and logistics is dependent upon this date/ access.

Here is a sample list of the services that can be included when you choose The Liberty Group as your Moving Partner:

Planning and Pre-Move Consultation

Review Floor Plans


Building Management Coordination


Resource Management

Develop Time & Events Schedule

Order Materials and Equipment


Change Management

Explain Packing Instructions

“How To…” pack a crate


Vendor Management

Furniture Installers




Financial Management

Budget Planning

Resource Tracking

Change Order Management


Post-Move Management


Help Desk Procedure

Issue Resolution

Floor “Sweeps”

And much more


The Liberty Group is THE Management Solution for all your Relocation Needs.

We’re backed by 50,000 highly motivated service providers at 1,500 service centers on six continents, representing more than $7 billion in annual revenues.

Learn more by visiting https://thelibertygroupcompany.com/moving-services/commercial-services/

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