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Moving Your Business On Weekends

If you are planning to relocate your offices from one place to another, would you rather move during the week or over the weekend? If the answer is a matter of choice than consider moving over the weekend. You’re probably thinking that doesn’t fit well with what you planned for one of the few days off throughout the year you get to enjoy but it will certainly offer the potential of a more successfully efficient move.

Why would moving over the weekend be more efficient? When you consider the time office moving can take, which is generally based on labor hours than think of how much time you can save transporting your company assets from origin to destination especially if your move involves a number of truckloads. During the week people and drivers crowd the streets walking and driving from plate to place. Whether it’s work, racing across town to meet clients, running errands or truckers making deliveries the streets are busy and can easily lead to delays. Furthermore, parking lots and access ways to docks can be crowded and busy, which means more delays if your movers need to clear out vehicles in order to back theirs in.

Some commercial moves will comprise of several businesses that share a single building. In some cases a business will occupy more than one floor of the building, and during the week all of the building’s occupants use both the stairs and elevators. While movers can find themselves waiting for access inside, shipping and receiving departments can cause more delays on the outside.

Not all companies are able to conduct their relocation projects on weekends but where there is room to do so, it should be considered. There is a significant reduction in both outdoor and indoor traffic, which is beneficial when it comes to maximizing time-efficient movers. Inquire with your movers about moving on the weekend. You may find a better solution to moving your business or offices with less headache while saving time and money.

Source: http://officemovingcrn.com/moving-your-business-on-weekends/

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