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Improve Your Curb Appeal With Power Washing

Improve Your Curb Appeal With Power Washing

Improve Your Curb Appeal With Power Washing Services from The Liberty Group

First impressions are so important to businesses! From the time a client first sees your property, until they leave every little detail will help to form that first impression.

Weather is hard on exterior walls, sidewalks and decks. Moss and algae can not only be destructive but also hazardous, making surfaces slippery, and therefore dangerous for your clients.

The exterior of your building requires maintenance just like the inside. The Liberty Group offers Power Washing Services to keep your building, roofs, driveways, walkways, patios, siding and decks looking like new! Surfaces that can be power-washed include concrete walkways and parking areas, brick, stone, dumpster pads and asphalt. For other surfaces such as siding, decks, fencing, and roofs we use a lower pressure to prevent damage yet still provide the clean results you are looking  for.

Do you remove graffiti?

Yes. Though softer surfaces including wood require special treatment concrete and brick had their own challenges. Often times a chemical remover is applied prior to power-washing (when correct ambient temperature is predicted). It is highly suggested that you hire a professional to be successful with graffiti removal to reduce the ricks of damaging the main surface.

Do you do windows?

Yes. Using a lower pressure and environmentally safe cleaning agents  we can get event the toughest grime off of your windows! In addition we can inspect your window frames for loose caulking, and weather damage giving you the opportunity to address these items before they become a bigger problem


By hiring experienced professionals you are guaranteeing quality results that will impress even the most keen eye. We hire only well trained, experienced staff that are as interested in pleasing our clients as their management team. Power-washing can also prolong the life of these surfaces in addition to keeping them looking “fresh and new”


When you need exceptional building maintenance services at a cost effective price, look no further than The Liberty Group. We know how to excel in facilities maintenance using the most effective methods and equipment. Let us keep your business in pristine condition so you can put your attention on what matters most. As your main contact, we handle all aspects of your business maintenance needs. We will maintain your properties so you can concentrate on your core business. Learn more at http://libertymaintenancenj.com/ or by calling 800-524-0567 today.

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