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Preventative Plumbing and Restroom Maintenance

Preventative Plumbing and Restroom Maintenance

Are you practicing preventative plumbing and restroom maintenance?

We know that running your business is a full time job. But what about the time it takes to maintain your facility? When is there time to manage that? At Liberty Group we are here to assist you with all aspects of your building’s maintenance. When you pay attention to the upkeep of your facility you can avoid costly emergency repairs and equipment failures which can eat into your hard-earned budget (and profit margin). We are providing you this blog series on building maintenance to show you the tasks we can manage for you – HVAC, roofing, plumbing and lighting – in good working order. Schedule your plumbing and restroom inspection today and let us show you how we can save you time and money!


A drip here and there may seem innocent, but leaks aren’t always visible to the naked eye. Start with bathrooms and explore larger building systems. Below are listed some of what Liberty Group can manage for you!


* Inspect all piping and drains  at least annually; investigate any leaks or unusual noises.

* Water booster and circulation pump systems require bearing lubrication at least annually; inspection of couplings and checks for any leaks.

* Water heaters and boilers should be fire-tested periodically and inspected  to adjust the flue draft and combustion air input to optimize efficiency.

* Remote drinking water chillers/water fountains need condenser fan motor bearings lubricated annually. Checks need to be made of  all contacts for wear and pitting, and system control tests should be run. Refrigerant should be leveled according to manufacturer instructions. Draining and replacement of oil in the compressor oil reservoir, including filters, strainers, and traps should also be done.

* Sump and sewage pumps typically are replaced on an as-needed basis but should also be tested or checked for functionality. Exposed pumps should always be lubricated on an annual basis.

* Fixtures need checked, particularly those in public restrooms as they  often withstand heavy use and abuse through regular use. Checking for leaks regularly and following the manufacturer’s recommendations on how often to replace internal workings such as flappers, cartridges and diaphragms will ensure you are preventing a water damage situation.

The Liberty Group provides commercial, industrial and institutional plumbing and water systems maintenance and services to a wide variety of regional customers.

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