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Tips for Managing Your Stress during a Move

Tips for Managing Your Stress during a Move

Relocating is one of the most stressful things people do. That’s why we’re providing a few tips for managing your stress during your next move. We hope these tips help you to have a more relaxing relocation experience. 

The Liberty Group was founded in 1920 and has now over one hundred years of experience. In all that time, we’ve observed some of the best and worst of moving stress!

1. Start you “moving plan” early. Our general advice on this topic is “whatever time you THINK it will take, double it.” By doing this you’ll be prepared for the time-draining details that many people find unexpected. From extra time spent on the phone moving utilities to locating extra boxes for things you forgot you even owned, time will seem to fly by.

2. Save a space for you. As you’re packing, it’s common for your home to begin feeling like a disaster area with a to-do list that is never ending. Remember to leave a small corner or space to which you can retreat. Use this familiar place to sit and collect your thoughts, clear your mind and re-focus on the tasks at hand. Taking time to ground yourself will bring you a few moments of peace that will reduce your stress level.

3. Schedule time away from your move. Walking in a local park or time with friends are both excellent choices. These will help you maintain a healthy perspective on your current “home” as well as the home to come.

4. Recognize the mood swings that can accompany stressful situations. You’re not going to be a “full-of-sunshine” every day during your move. Frustrations and the delays that can occur are normal. It’s understandable to be moody or cranky. Remember not take it out on those around who are trying to help. Do not internalize your moodiness. Instead go to…

5. Burn off the stress efficiently. Make time for the gym or for your favorite regular exercise. Yes, walking the dog counts.

6. It is ok to say “YES” when help is offered. If your friends and family want to step up and give you a hand, let them. It is a way of letting you know they care. Share some stories while packing or enjoy some quiet times of rest if your neighbor wants to pick up the kids from school or brings you a casserole.

7. During the early planning, make a list of all the fun things you’ll be able to experience in your new location. Keep these notes handy and add to them as you think of things. Refer to this list if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

8. Keep important papers and files close at hand and together. Medical and vet bills, legal papers, moving contract, utility agreements, school records and other papers are very important to keep close at hand during a move. Know where these documents are at your new location.

9. Schedule time for goodbyes. When you put the word out that you’re moving away, friends seem to emerge out of your past and want to get together to catch up. Don’t wait! Schedule time to get together as early as possible. It’s very common for your emotional energy to be lower the closer to your move date.

10. Talk your kids through the move. Their emotions may be maxed out also. Make time to talk with them and connect during the move process. If they seem to be “on edge”, talk with them about what they are feeling and provide them with encouragement through the transition. This can help reduce their stress and yours, too!


Moving is an exciting, stress-filled, time. You look forward to living in a new location and getting a fresh start in a new environment—but actually getting all your possessions to your new place can be a daunting challenge. In this critical time, you need a partner who understands the process, and can take on much of the burden on your behalf. Over 53% of consumers use United Vanlines and Mayflower when planning a relocation. Learn More


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