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Why People are Moving During the Summer

Why People are Moving During the Summer

Summer is “Moving Season”. Not everyone spends their summer on the beach, relaxing poolside or vacationing. A high percentage of people are relocating during the summer months. From Memorial Day to Labor Day professional movers are normally experiencing their busiest season. This can be a very smart season to move for many families. But why are people moving during the summer? Here are the top 3 reasons we’ve heard.

School is Out

Most schools still provide students a summer break from their studies. This time away from school frees up families schedules and avoids changing children’s classes’ mid-year and disrupting their learning. Having the children home provides an extra pair of hands (or more) to assist with all that needs to be done to prepare for the move to! 

It also doesn’t hurt that employers are more flexible in the summer when it comes to “personal time requests”. For many companies, business slows in the summer months. This can be a good time for employees who are planning a move to request a couple extra days off.

Safer Roads

With the winter months still a fresh memory, people often choose to make their relocation when the roads are no longer icy, risking snowstorms, high winds and unexpected weather delays are mostly “behind them” for them year. It may be hot and wet, but daily afternoon thunderstorms can be planned around and staying hydrated is easier than tracking in ice and snow while fighting freezing temperatures. 

An extra bonus includes more daylight hours! Having these extra hours of daylight makes the long days of packing and moving more bearable.  Everyone enjoys the few extra hours of daylight to get things done!

Summer is Hot for Real Estate 

Spring brings out contracts for home sales. As the real estate market heats up some locations can see as much as a 25% increase in available homes on the market. After a long winter of being cooped up, families are shopping for a new home. When one moves out another soon moves in. First time homeowners are excited to move into a home of their own, growing families need more space and empty nesters are downsizing, it is just the way the system works..

With great summer weather, being a popular time to move and a popular time to buy or sell a home Real Estate and Moving industries are strong supporters of each other, offering many choices for their clients. The more active the real estate market is the better it is for the moving companies in the summertime. It benefits you to, if you are looking to buy or sell a home you should be able to find, sell and close on new properties faster in the summer months.

Moving During Busy Season

Moving companies are in high demand in the summer. The near perfect weather, schedules more flexible with school out and work vacations, summer can be the perfect time to move. BUT… if you’re planning a summer move, it’s best to hire your professional moving company as early as possible to secure your most desired move date. Remember there are a lot of others moving during the summer months.  Summer is the busiest time of year for professional moving companies and scheduling your free in-home estimate today is a great way to get started.

Moving with the Liberty Group

Whether you’re moving from an apartment to a townhome, moving from your starter home to a bigger place or even downsizing for seniors, The Liberty Group is here for you. Every service begins with someone who needs help and wants a moving company they can trust with their belongings. Throughout the entire relocation process, our Professional Move-Manager will be your single point of contact. They’ll take all the guesswork out of your move, and help you choose and coordinate the right services for your situation—from pre-planning assistance through unpacking, setup, and installation. Learn more at https://thelibertygroupcompany.com/residential-moving/

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