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Managing Assets – Liquidation and Decommissioning

Office Space Decommissioning Is More Than Just Moving Out

All too often, clients miss the not so obvious “other move” when it comes to their office relocation. Clients split their time and attention operating their core business while also focusing on the “new” space and the endless questions, details, and decisions that are required to get that space ready to unveil. The “old” space, as well as the furniture in it, is often overlooked. If you think you can just leave the furniture and the cleaning for the landlord, you are mistaken!

Most leases require that the occupied commercial space be left “broom swept.” This means that all contents, freestanding furniture, workstations, office/IT equipment, shelving, racking, etc., must be completely removed, and all floors left cleared of debris and vacuumed. That also means following through on tiny details like removing any additional cabling your company installed while in residence. You need to return the rental space back to its original condition prior to your occupancy. Your lease should spell out the specific requirements and standards you will be held to.

Companies that primarily focus their time and effort on “hard costs” of relocation could be surprised by the “soft costs” of a business move. One of our relocation experts can minimize your company’s exposure to lost revenue due to these unexpected and often overlooked details. Consult with an expert, and the savings on office space decommissioning will more than likely pay for the actual relocation.

Whether relocating or renovating, choose The Liberty Group Company  to help minimize your impact on the environment. Assets without resale value are disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations or donated to not-for-profit organizations.

Working with The Liberty Group Company, you’ll have access to the UniGroup family of companies. We provide organizations just like yours a vast array of resources that allow you to keep your costs low and improve efficiencies, all while maintaining high quality standards. By partnering with nearly 300 additional service providers in more than 100 countries, we’re able to give you seamless service everywhere you do business.

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