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3 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

3 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

Your move may be local or long distance, but there are basics that apply no matter what. Do yourself a favor and ask the following questions at the beginning of your conversations with a moving company.

Is your company licensed and insured?

Companies that are professionally licensed movers have met a level or qualifying standard of some governing body in their industry. Moving is no different. Because customers trust us with their possessions, we train our employees in Best-practices and Safety to ensure proper service is delivered. We also pride ourselves in training on customer service. When everything is said and done and our truck drives away empty from your new place, we want you to be ready to call us if and when you move again.

Serious moving companies are (among other things) insured. While packing up, packing in and transporting a home or office full of furniture and other precious items, we understand there is an inherent risk. Even if everyone on a moving crew has performed their job flawlessly, other people are driving on the same roads. THAT is reason enough to carry the appropriate liability insurance to care for our customers.

If you’re asking these questions, you should also expect an offer of proof that both of these are sufficient and current. If they’re not offered, ask.

Is this a binding quote?

In most cases, a professional moving company providing quotes via web-forms or over the phone will need qualifiers, and there’s a good reason. Customers calling in may have miss-counted their boxes, or overlooked the piano. We know that sounds silly. But with everything that goes into moving its easy to “not see” some of your own things.

However, with a Professional on-site, performing the final review, you should expect either a binding or not-to-exceed quote.

Are your moving crew contractors or employees?

This question speaks to the moving company’s commitment and longevity. Companies using employees have naturally invested more time in training those who are handling your “favorite chair” as well as the “family heirlooms”. Contractors are not necessarily a bad choice. However, it’s our opinion that long-term development of crews ensures better working relationships, greater trustworthy activities and more reliable moves for our customers.

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