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Are you drowning in paper files?

Are you drowning in paper files?

Let The Liberty Moving Company, throw you a lifeline

Like never before, business offices are working to reduce the need for staff to gather in one location, but there is a downside to downsizing. During this “new reality” many businesses are reducing their square footage needs and have come to the conclusion that they’re drowning in paper files and records.

For the vast majority of history, business paper filing was the only option. In order to maintain archives for these files, rooms of file cabinets, offsite storage, basements and attic spaces were filled to capacity with files containing client history, purchasing and HR records, sensitive data, designs specifications, and more. In some cases, these records have to be maintained for a specified period of time to meet legal requirements and company regulations. But what happens to all that paper when you no longer need to have it onsite? Microfilming and digitizing paper files are two methods which allow the company to dispose of a great deal of paper. Secure Profession Shredding Services are just what you need to clear valuable space and get out from under that tida-wave of paper!

Document Destruction Services

The Liberty Group Company can provide the secure on-site destruction services for both your company and home needs. We’ll take all the necessary precautions to ensure complete document and product destruction, producing the most secure shred size in the mobile shredding industry. You’ll also get certificates of destruction which document the date and time your materials are destroyed.

How Long to Keep Documents

Many documents can be scanned and converted to digital files – though some like contracts and tax records you may want to keep the original documents. Here is a list of the lifetime for some documents. This may vary based on your business. We suggest consulting with your attorney or governing agency to confirm.

Tax Records 7 years
Employment Tax Records 4 years past paid date
Property Records 7 years after sale of property
Corporate and LLC Records Permanently
Bank Statements paper 1 year /digital 7
HR Records 7-10 years after employee leaves
Resumes (not hired) 3 years
Contracts/Legal Documents Permanent

As you can see from the above list, if you’re still holding on to many records from the 70s’, 80’, and 90’s you can probably shred those without much risk.

Anytime you have a concern over a paper document over 10 years old (not including items you should permanently keep) – you can always digitally scan and archive before shredding.

Protect your and your clients information

Each week, companies generates hundreds, if not thousands, of confidential paper documents, price lists, customer and personnel records, financial documents, and more. The consequences of improper disposal of these items could be devastating, including loss of business, unfavorable audits, or litigation.

Our onsite shredding service can include large, wheeled containers (300-350 lbs of paper), and security cabinets (75 lbs of paper) to keep personal and sensitive materials secure until shredded

Creating a Destruction Schedule

Now more than ever, security is a major concern. You, your employees, and your customers expect their private and confidential documents to be handled with great discretion. Disposing of your company’s documents isn’t just a matter of throwing them in the trash or the recycling. You need to ensure your documents are properly destroyed. The Liberty Group Company will work with you to develop a destruction schedule that fits your budget.

Shredding Services Available from The Liberty Group:

  • Scheduled shredding
  • Call-in shredding for special projects
  • High-security disintegration
  • Scheduled shredding for home and office
  • Low-security paper and electronics recycling

Let The Liberty Group help you to find solutions for your low and high volume document shredding needs, commercial shredding projects, as well as recurring and one-time shredding services. Schedule our shred truck at your location today and you can watch while we shred! For more information visit https://thelibertygroupcompany.com/shredding/

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