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Customizing Your New Office

Customizing Your New Office

Moving into a new office is exciting! Though you may soon realize you need to do some customization to make the new space more of a user friendly fit. Liberty can help you with customizing your new office.

From custom bookcases and shelving to targeted lighting the team at Liberty Group Services to help you create the space that will not only be functional but will also be flattering for your business!

Custom Shelving

Show off that impressive collection of books, historical products, art, or top employee awards with custom sized shelving in reception areas, office space, break room, or common area.

Custom Lighting

Lighting can affect mood, productivity and can be a pleasing to the eye. In many offices often lighting in not high on the list of needing changed until a need is addressed. A re-arranging of office seating can require a change in direction of lighting. Adding additional workstations, desks, art, or shared workspaces will require new and various types of lighting.

Customizing Your New Office

Art in the Office

“Displaying art in the workplace can elevate employee performance, mood, and physical well-being, as well as bolster interpersonal bonds between employees and clients.” In a recent article from workdesign.com  it is noted that “Dozens of research studies conducted in the United States and Europe throughout the past 10 years have identified myriad ways — from the practical to the unconscious — that installing thoughtfully-chosen art in the workplace can improve employee experience and achievement, and help to communicate the right message to guests.”

But displaying art safely is the job of a professional – someone that can safely anchor these special pieces preventing damage and possible injury from a falling painting or sculpture.

Customizing Your New Office

The Liberty Group specializes in moving & maintenance services for our customers in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Since 1920, we have been providing quality solutions ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. We understand that your primary focus is on obtaining business objectives and developing in your industry. That is why we provide complete care and attention for your facilities so you can put your focus where it belongs. When you need exceptional moving & maintenance services at a cost effective price, look no further than The Liberty Group. Learn more by visiting http://libertymaintenancenj.com/ or calling 800-524-0567 today!

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