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Holiday Moving Tips

Holiday Moving Tips

Summer-time tops the charts as the busiest season of the year to move. But believe it or not, the holiday season places firmly at the 2nd best time. With many companies providing holiday schedules and employees wanting to use the rest of their accrued vacation time, December and January are busy moving months. So, while the kids are on school break and you are on vacation, consider a late year move.

Why Move During the Holidays?
There is always the concern of disruption of the holiday fun when you are thinking of making a move over the holidays. We know this sounds selfish, but one thing to consider is that if you’re moving you will not be hosting, cooking or doing the dishes.

Schedule Your Holiday Move Early
If you are planning to move on a specific date over the holidays, we strongly recommend scheduling your move early with a professional moving company. Due to the demand for movers during December and January, staff shortages can be a challenge for those in need of these services.

Call multiple companies if you fail to secure your chosen date and have a back-up date in mind. It is best to get a quote for both dates from multiple companies to compare, if price is a concern. Be sure to compare the services equally.

Anytime you’re considering a long-distance move (also known as an “interstate” move), check for a company’s US DOT record to verify they are a legit company with no issues. The holiday season is prime time for scams, so be on the lookout and check independent references.

Additional Holiday Moving Considerations
Anytime you move there is a long list of items you need to address. Here are a few more you DO NOT want to miss:

Connection of Utilities and Internet.  

Make sure you take the time to schedule all the services to be turned off at your current location and turned on at your destination. Utility and internet companies do have less available staff and they typically close their offices for the holidays as well. You will want to make sure your trash service is set up, and cable TV service as well.

Be Sure to Transfer your Prescriptions in advance. 

Many doctors’ offices close for up to a week during the holidays, and if you are moving a prescription you want to be able to pick up at your new location.

Veterinary Services. 

If you need to schedule boarding during the holiday or the move or your pet needs vaccinations or prescriptions refilled, make arrangements for these in advance.

Holiday Calendar.  

Friends and neighbors may want to lend a hand and help with your move if their schedules allow so be sure to let them know in advance your moving dates. Instead of gifts you may mention that if they can help provide a meal, watch children or unpack boxes in your new home, it would be even more appreciated.

Consider Road Closings and Travel Conditions. 

Depending on your location, you may find that some streets are closed during the holidays for parades or special events, making it difficult for the movers to maneuver. If there is inclement weather, the roads may not be as clear for your moving truck as you would prefer. Winter weather delays do occur, so it’s smart to prepare for a few extra days in your moving schedule.

School Transfers.  

Advance notice given to your child’s teacher will be greatly appreciated if a move will happen over the holiday break. This will provide time to transfer school records and the teacher may be able to work closer with your child resting any concerns they may have about their grades.

Planning is Everything
Planning ahead is the best way to put your mind at ease when arranging a holiday move. If you are sending out holiday cards, plan to have them posted and ready to mail in advance (and don’t forget to include your new address). Final notes to service companies can also be prepared in advance. You may want to thank you postman, drycleaner or coffee shop for the great service over the past year. Wrap up your shopping for gifts November or early December, before you get too caught up in the daily to-do list of your holiday move.

Take Time to Enjoy the Holiday Season
Being prepared and intentional during the holiday moving process can help add to unexpected and meaningful moments. As you begin packing your personal items, make a pile for donations and deliver or schedule a pick-up to go to a local charity.

Put a few of your favorite holiday decorations in a box and mark open first for unpacking right away at your new location.

If gathering together with family to open presents is an important tradition for you, remember to plan around that time and be mindful to give everyone plenty of time to relax and enjoy the season together.

Planning Your Holiday Move with “The Liberty Group”

When you move with Liberty Moving, you are assigned a residential moving specialist to coordinate all of your dates and paperwork. As your single point of contact, your move coordinator will help you stay organized and on track as your moving day approaches and is available to answer questions and help you solve challenges on the fly.

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