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Moving Service Types Explained

Moving Service Types Explained

Has it been a few years since you had to move? Things have really changed in the moving industry and we hope in this article to address moving services so that you will gain a better understanding, before you have to schedule your next move!

The world has changed enormously since The Liberty Group Company first opened for business in 1920 as Liberty Transportation & Storage Company. We’ve adapted and grown with the changing times to offer Moving Services, Building Maintenance Services and Paper Shredding.

Moving Companies Come In All Types

Commercial moving companies handle more complicated moves often requiring a fast turn-around – moving in stages, working around company schedules and can involve a lot of unique equipment. Commercial moving companies are often specialized, for example to medical equipment, manufacturing, retail, library office and IT moves. Each of these have their own special requirements and expertise.

Residential movers are available for local, interstate, and global relocation. You’re no longer limited on taking your possessions with you. There are movers, trucks, cargo vessels as options which are available for you to move nearly anywhere on the globe.

Specialty moving companies can handle delicate and heavy duty requests. These movers are often called in for moves including antiques and priceless art, pianos, even pets. Each of these will require special care and handling.

Container moving companies have been popping up all over the world and come with catchy names painted on large units dropped off in your driveway and left there for you to “load and lock” at your convenience. Once you have that container loaded, the company will pick up the unit and deliver to your new address or to a storage unit until you’re ready to unload at your new location.

Auto movers are more popular than ever now that flight pricing has become more appealing. It is much easier to ship your vehicle coast to coast and take a relaxing flight than to drive 4-5 days and arrive exhausted.

Moving Service Types

Full-Service Moving Services

This is the service everyone thinks of when you mention you have “hired a moving company”. A full-service-move is handled completely by the moving company. They ensure the truck size, hiring and managing packers, loaders, drivers, loading, unloading, and arranging everything in its place at your destination site. These are professionals and can handle your entire move leaving you to sit back and watch them work.

If you decide to contract a full-service move, request a complete outline of the services offered in the contract, and what they will not include. 

Partial Moving Services

Contracting a partial move with the moving company will help you assign the different tasks involved in your move. Different from the full-service moving services option, you may choose to take on some of the hands-on work like packing, planning and utilizing the contracted professionals for the heavy tasks such as loading the trucks and furniture and unloading at your new home.

Outsourced Services

Moving Labor-Only Services – Loading and Unloading Help

Consider hiring professional loading and unloading help instead of depending on your pool of friends. These professionals will customarily prove to be much more reliable. You can handle the lighter work including the packing of your household items on your own (or invite friends over to join you for this easier task).

Most moving labor you hire can handle the tasks at hand proficiently. Their team will be able to load the truck in a safe and stable manor, handle lifting heavy pieces of furniture and possibly saving you from an injury as well!

Keep in mind that you will still be responsible for booking the moving truck and driving it to the new location. If your location is out of the area you will likely need to hire an additional team to unload your items upon arrival to your destination.

Packing Services

Packing is a tedious task, time consuming and dull. There are some people that will prefer to pack up either some or all of their kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms on their own. If that thought doesn’t appeal to you, consider contracting a professional packing service to handle this task.

Contracting a professional packing services for this task can help you protect your heirlooms and fragile items by professionally wrapping these items and packaging them in the proper moving boxes to keep them safe.

The Packing Service will purchase supplies per your agreed contract for the moving boxes, bubble wraps, packing tape, etc. This will save you a significant amount of time and stress during your move. Be sure to check the prices for all the packing services and verify any additional expenses that could come up before choosing packing service and signing the contract.

MOVING TIP: Keep a detailed inventory of all your belongings and number each of the moving boxes to ensure all boxes are transported and arrive at the new location during the move.

Transport Only Moving Services

Move at your own pace by using moving containers service. Portable moving containers are among the latest advancements in the moving industry. The availability to ‘book” a portable moving container has been the biggest change to modern moving.

A change from the traditional ways of moving, you no longer need to hire a truck. A simple phone call and a short survey of what you will be moving is all that the contractor will need to arrange to have a container delivered to your home. Containers are on rent from the moving container company for the time you will need to pack and load your belongings, transport and unload.  You can even take advantage of additional time for the container to be stored at a secure facility if the availability of your new home is “running behind”.

 This service is continuing to gain popularity for convenience and pricing.

NOTE – Consider Combining Services: Consider hiring packers and labor only services to help you with loading the container. But be careful to compare the combined pricing, as hiring a single moving company to provide the services may be a better option.

Specialty Moving Services

Most homes and businesses will have items that may require extra special care and handling when moving. You will want these items to be handled with care and professionalism.

When you need to move these special items, you may want to hire a specialty moving service (sometimes even a rigger) to move such items to your new home or business. There are a number of professionals that are able to handle such delicate items. Be sure to check their references, insurance coverage and read over the contract carefully. You will customarily pay a higher fee for these services, but the peace of mind will be worth it!

Some of the specialty items to consider are:

  • Piano, guitar or other music instruments
  • Artwork and Paintings
  • Antique pieces and Collections
  • Statues and Lawn Ornaments
  • Rare Glassware and Pottery
  • Antique Books
  • Aquarium with fish and corals


We have covered many different moving options that you will find available in the current market.

Moving can be a stressful time. With more than a century of professional moving experience, you can count on The Liberty Group to be there for your every step of the way! From pre-planning to unpacking, our trained and professional teams are ready to make your next move you best move. We offer FREE in-person and virtual estimates that can be scheduled at your convenience. Be sure to ask our representatives about the best methods to moving and protecting your personal and commercial items.

We hope this information has been helpful and will benefit you on your future move.

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