Partnership with the VA – Berkeley Heights

Partnership with the VA – Berkeley Heights


e62ff9e372ec42e68b7a5ba3cc8571b1The Liberty Group is proud to announce a partnership that we have recently joined with the VA in Berkeley Heights, NJ. For several months, Liberty Group President, Donald Lusardi, has been trying to get involved with the VA to see if we could form a partnership in which Liberty would hire or take on some Veterans to work for us. After many phone calls and visits, Donald was able to track down a gentleman that could lead us to achieve this goal. We presented our initiative to a few employees of the VA (they loved it!) and after exchanging ideas, we moved on to next steps. We interviewed a number of Vets and we are pleased to say that as of June 2016, we offered two of them temporary positions here at Liberty in our warehouse. “It has been an eye-opening experience for me and we are all extremely happy to be a part of this partnership and an Employee of Liberty whose ownership amazes me on a daily basis,” says Beth Lilly, Director of Operations at The Liberty Group. “If you see Donail or Albert on Monday morning, please introduce yourself and make them feel at home. Thank you, everyone!” – See more at:

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