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Professional Laboratory Moves

Professional Laboratory Moves

Pharma companies trust professional laboratory movers, here’s why:

Moving medical offices is never a simple task but moving a pharmaceutical laboratory adds to the complexity.

Standard office moves customarily include moving of paper files, office furniture, and computers but moving a laboratory for a pharma company must also include experience and the responsibilities of moving sensitive research equipment, a mix of chemical and biological materials, the pharmaceutical products being developed (including any temperature-controlled samples).

It takes an experienced medical moving company to relocate inventory and samples with such variety & complexity. The required preplanning must be very detail-oriented and followed to the letter by an experienced professional moving team. Each step in the move will be planned to protect the many assets of the lab.

Four Keys to a Successful Laboratory Move

#1 Organization is Vital

No matter the distance of the laboratory move, a professional medical mover will insist on attending to each and every detail of the relocation. With so many facets to a pharma move, each step is critical. One mistake could easily cause the loss of a lifetime of work or damage to the lab assets.

Each portion of the move will be planned out in stages. As these are completed and verified, the next portion of the lab move will then be addressed.

Professional movers work in tandem with the medical laboratory company staff and a lab relocation team. Together, this collective will need to prepare & properly cleanse all the equipment including documenting of the process and taking a strict inventory.

#2 Safe Transport of Chemical Reagents

The DOT or Department of Transportation regulates many laboratory chemical/biological reagents that are commonly used in modern pharmaceutical and medical research as hazardous materials.

When working with a professional laboratory mover, you can be confident that they understand the importance of getting the paperwork right the first time. Careless handling or incompletion of the required paperwork could lead to fines or even worse, a dangerous accident with injuries to the public.

#3 Maintaining Cold Chain for Temperature-Controlled Products

Laboratory and pharma moves must endure the technical challenge of maintaining assets at temperature for the duration of the relocation to ensure products arrive at their new location with no harm. A compromise in the cold chain could elevate or drop the temperature during a move leading to costly losses.

By contracting with a professional laboratory moving service, laboratories can document the temperature needs of their assets and the mover will arrange for a fully documented cold chain. This will show that products and assets were maintained at the proper temperature throughout the move. Experienced movers will be prepared with back up equipment in to safeguard against any failure during the move.

#4 Relocating Research Animal Colonies

Many laboratories will often house colonies of animals used in testing and research of their products. As many of these subjects are part of active, ongoing research, it’s important to cause as little disturbance to these subjects as possible.

When moving the laboratory animals, it’s important that they are being handled by experienced staff during relocation and considerations like feeding, light cycles, and climate are often monitored.

By using a professional laboratory moving service, pharma companies can rest assured that their assets are in safe hands.

Pharmaceutical companies and medical laboratory moves are complex, by nature. Contracting with a professional, experienced laboratory moving company will give you peace of mind. Your professional pharma mover should be able to provide you with move advice and a wide selection of available equipment, trucks, and a trained moving team.

The Liberty Group Company provides no obligation quotes and we are happy to serve you during your next laboratory move. Contact us today at https://thelibertygroupcompany.com/contact/ or call 800-524-0567

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