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Pros and Cons of a Fall Move

Pros and Cons of a Fall Move

Moving, anytime of year, can be equal portions exciting and tense. Moving in the fall offers its own distinctive benefits as well as concerns. Many families have discovered that relocating in the fall months provides a better, more enjoyable transition, while other people, opt to hold off for more advantageous times. As professional movers in the northeast, we want to share with you some positives and negatives of relocating during the fall season:

Pros of a fall move

1. The weather is typically nice for a fall move

No longer are the days sweltering and threatening thunderstorms. The humidity is down and the sun is not as brutal. During the few weeks before winter there is a real sweet spot of fall. Professionally, we can think of no better time than fall for a move requiring physical labor, good driving conditions and no worry of mud or snow tracking up your home.

2. Movers may have lower rates

Once the busy season (aka SUMMER) in the moving industry has passed, movers are more willing to negotiate rates to lock in your moving contract. Fall moves are a perfect time to hire a moving company in New Jersey.

3. Professional movers may have more availability

In the summer months weekend moves are very hard to secure unless you plan months in advance. Another good thing about moving in the fall is the greater likelihood of locking in your preferred moving dates as the demand for professional movers begins to drop off.

Cons of a fall move

1. Fall is not known to be a busy season for home sales

If you are moving from a rental unit, this will not be so much of a problem, but if you are trying to sell your home in the fall you will find that the demanding season of summer has passed and you may have to be more inventive or agree to pricing change in order to close the deal on the sale of your home. If the currents trends continue, this may not be too much of an issue.

2. The holidays are closer than you think

Most of the residents in the USA look forward to the winter holiday season. Halloween kicks things off, followed in a few weeks by Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, among others. Choosing to move in the fall can make things more difficult to get settled in before the busy holiday season begins. If you look forward to large family gatherings in your home over the holidays, a fall move may not be right for you.

3. Families find fall moves difficult for school age children

Schools across the county start back in early to late August, some even in the beginning of September. Depending on where you are moving to and from your child could easily be 3-4 weeks behind in their studies at the new location making the adjustment harder. Many schools enroll for sport teams at the beginning of the year as well and you child could be left missing a year of their favorite activities.

4. The weather could be erratic

Though the fall brings less drastic changes in the weather you could still face an unexpected snowstorm, sometimes as early as October in the North. If heading south to your new destination, keep in mind hurricane season is not over until the end of November in the Southeast USA. While the fall weather tends to be more mild and agreeable, keep an extra coat handy just in case.

Moving is an exciting, stress-filled, time. You look forward to living in a new location and getting a fresh start in a new environment. Having the weather on your side is a plus. Another great choice is hiring a professional moving company to ensure your possessions are safely delivered to your new location. You need a professional moving partner who understands the process. Over 53% of consumers use United Vanlines and Mayflower when planning a relocation. When working with The Liberty Group Company, you’ll have access to the UniGroup family of companies which includes both United Vanlines and Mayflower. The Liberty Group Company provide a vast array of resources that allow you to keep your costs low and improve efficiencies, all while maintaining high quality standards of service. Contact us for a no obligation quote today.

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