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Providing Moving and Sanitizing Services for the Hospitality Industry

Providing Moving and Sanitizing Services for the Hospitality Industry

For hospitality locations such like short and long term hotels, there are many special challenges, all of which require experienced professionals who can ensure the attention to detail that your project requires.

The Liberty Group can assist with some of the issues facing hotels, whether moving to a new location, handling lift and lay moves for renovations, or full sanitization for preventative measures brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic

What’s included in a Hospitality Move

Now is the perfect time for major hotel locations to undergo renovations which are typically done every five to seven years. These renovations include guest rooms, conference rooms, lobbies and other key spaces. It is likely that you’ll require professional moving services a number of times throughout the lifetime of your position at a hotel. And, since there’s always a “first time”, understanding what steps are involved as well as anticipating some of the more challenging factors you may need to consider can help pave the way to a smoother project through completion.

There are many pieces to a hotel move or renovation

Furniture, fixtures and equipment (referred to in industry-speak as FF&E), drapery, carpeting, mattresses and box springs, artwork and even the paint on the walls can be part of a renovation project and necessitate a professional to manage. Then there is the clean up and sanitization you want to do prior to re-opening areas to your guests.

Each of the above-mentioned items will require one or more professional services that may include warehousing, delivery, installation, disposal and inventory management and reporting. Each service will require scheduling (and rescheduling), and some larger projects requiring construction services will also need to include permitting and inspections.

Renovating Vs. Moving Into New Construction

While both of these options have a number of commonalities that require the same attention to detail and quality control, there are some specific considerations you will address when renovating your current location vs. moving into one that’s newly constructed.

With travel numbers not yet recovered from the summer pandemic, making renovations at this time will likely cause lesser strain on your guests as attendance at many hotels is not “near peak” capacity. Still, the most important consideration for a renovation is ensuring you have a smooth process that does not disturb your guests or interfere with the overall operation of your establishment. By consciously booking your guests in areas or on floors that are not being renovated you can make your “updates-process” nearly unnoticeable. Removing and replacing furniture, carpets, drapery, equipment and other items can be done with as little disruption as possible, floor by floor or one area at a time so noise levels and disruption to space and guest access are minimized.

Timing is everything when undertaking a renovation. Scheduling services and deliveries are of the essence to making your transformations quietly and successfully. Unforeseen delays can have a negative effect on the hotel impacting the ability to book guests or host events. These should be avoided whenever possible and we understand the importance of watching your bottom line especially during these fragile times. Renovation in public areas will need to be turned around quickly which means deliveries, installations, and cleaning must be done on time.

As a professional moving service The Liberty Group has experience in serving the hospitality industry and understands how to effectively manage these logistics.

Choosing A Professional Moving and Maintenance Service

Not all moving companies are created equal. There are some steps you can take to qualify a company before entrusting your project to them. Whether you receive a recommendation from a colleague or have researched the many options available to you via the Internet, be sure to put them each through a consistent          vetting process. One small piece in the project done incorrectly can put you in a difficult situation with your guests. In a time where one bad review can go viral, you want each of your guests to have the best experience at your establishment as possible.

The Liberty Group Company provides customized relocation programs. Throughout the entire relocation process, our Professional Move-Manager will be your single point of contact. They’ll take all the guesswork out of your move, and help you choose and coordinate the right services for your situation—from pre-planning assistance through unpacking, setup, and equipment installation.

The Liberty Group also specializes in building maintenance services for our customers in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Since 1920, we have been providing quality solutions in the area of building maintenance ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We understand that your primary focus is on reaching your business objectives and developing in your industry. That is why we provide complete care and attention for your facilities so you can put your focus where it belongs. 

By choosing The Liberty Group you can rest knowing that your renovation or moving project needs will be handled with competence and expertise by our experienced team of project managers. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced project team leaders.

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