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Retrofitting Office Space After Corona Virus

Retrofitting Office Space After Corona Virus

We don’t know how long it will take for the Covid-19 pandemic to subside, but what we do know is that it has forever changed the way we do business and how offices are designed. In some cases, changes are literally mandatory for the safety of your staff and clients.

The Open Office Design Has Just Fallen to a Virus.

For years, the open office design has been gaining momentum. Work spaces were designed to enable interaction between individuals, teams and departments. Offices were redesigning spaces, tearing down cubicles, improving lighting and ventilation, and more in order to make a better workplace for all…or so we thought!

The Liberty Group offers alternative space sizing services to assist in the redesign of office spaces to keep workers safe

Business offices will soon accommodate 50% or more less staff, feature additional safety measures, and provide access for remote workers. Each of these items will be set into place to protect workers in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The Liberty Group team can help you retrofit your existing space. Our team can help you and your business layout the recommended number of desks to ensure a minimum 6-foot-separation between workstations, as well as subdivide large working spaces. We can advise and enact a plan to install plexiglass, acrylic, or safety glass barriers and walls or even 1990’s style cubicles. Boardrooms will also need changes to include clear panels to separate those seated around and across the main table.

Retrofitting offices in response to the corona virus will vary from office-to-office and budget-to-budget. Some offices are taking a cue from grocery and retail stores and creating one-way paths throughout office and into and out of buildings to limit how often people interact or cross paths with each other.

As door handles become more obsolete, our in-house locksmith installs hands-free security systems. Automated door openers to offices and elevators are expected to soon be commonplace. Stairs are also likely to see more use and will require more frequent cleaning and disinfection as well.

You and your business can expect to be encouraged by the CDC to keep hand sanitizer and wipes in sight of all your work spaces.

Single stall bathrooms will very likely become more popular and all restroom and break areas will need deeper and more regimented cleaning service while hard surfaces in common areas will need to be wiped down with approved sanitizer during the day and between shifts.

It’s important that you do all you can to make your employees and clients feel safe in your space. By partnering with The Liberty Group for Cleaning Services,you’ll ensure your office space has been cleaned per CDC recommendations before you reopen, after redesign and moving forward!

Click link here to learn more about the Liberty Group Cleaning Protocol

The AIA has released guidelines for re-opening that enforce everything from social distancing to changes in airflow within buildings.

Designating a Screening Area

At your office entrance or in the lobby, you may need to set up an area with a queue for prescreening. Keeping potentially sick individuals out of the building will be your best defense and temperature screenings, mask distribution and a Q & A will need to have a “place” to be performed.

Take advantage of spaces outside of buildings for places to queue staff and/or clients being pre-screened. For office spaces that employ large groups coming in at the same time, consider staggering shifts to enable social distancing. For staff that will have to wait in lines that stretch past the entrance of the building consider installing awnings or shelters to protect them from the elements.

These post pandemic changes may not always be so necessary as they appear today. Building codes may eventually require certain health and safety requirements.

The process of returning to work may not be easy or comfortable. Companies can do a lot to make the process smoother by letting someone work from home until their workspace is ready and safe.

Now is the Time for Companies to Shine

It may not be expected, but this can be a chance for individual companies to consider how to keep their workers not only safe, but comfortable and happy. Rethink the work process; fix small processes that may not have been a big concern before. Consider this a new chance to restart things.

Maintaining a commercial structure, grounds and even full campus requires a lot of labor hours. For short or long-term needs, call on The Liberty Group to help with facilities services. Our Commercial Handyman service personnel are skilled at working on site in commercial locations. These skilled tradespeople can work independently or work in conjunction with your own Facilities Team.

Risk Reduction. 

By outsourcing labor needs, our clients reduce their risk by dealing with laborers who already carry the commercial insurances and licenses required in these settings. 

Increased Efficiency & Quality. 

Our team of building maintenance and facility service personnel arrive to your location, trained to perform what you’ve requested such as Painting, Paving, Masonry, Fencing, Plowing, Cleaning, Roofing and more!

Learn more about the Facility Services offered by The Liberty Group at https://thelibertygroupcompany.com/maintenance/#facility-service

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