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Scheduling Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Scheduling Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

First impressions are everything. Have you ever driven past a commercial building with untidy landscaping, a debris-filled parking lot and dirty windows? This gives passersby the impression that the business isn’t doing very well or possibly they “just don’t care enough to bother.” IF the latter the case, how will they treat you/your business account?


Typically, office buildings don’t need windows cleaned quite as often as residential. Typically these facilities should have a full cleaning (including the inside) about twice a year. Typically lobbies should be cleaned monthly, or possibly every other month, because of how important this area is to making a first impression on visitors. Touch-ups on the inside may need to be done more often, depending on the type of business ( industrial facilities with office space may need frequent cleaning due to dust particles and debris in the air).

Healthcare Facilities need more attention when it comes to commercial window cleaning services. These locations include physicians’ and dental offices, clinics, hospitals, etc. These facilities must present a clean, well-maintained appearance. Interior and exterior windows, particularly on the ground floor and on floors with patient exam or treatment rooms, should be cleaned monthly. A clean, well-cared-for appearance will gives patients the confidence that they will also be well cared for!

There is no set system to determine the best schedule for Commercial Window Washing Services. One of the biggest factors that helps determine how often your windows should be cleaned, however, is the type of business you run.

Restaurants will need more cleaning than a retail store. Consider the moisture and grease circulating in the air of an eatery. Typically we recommend that restaurants get their windows cleaned about every two weeks, oftentimes more. These windows need to be done inside and out. Another factor is the types of customers you cater to, and what “appearance” needs to be factored in, requiring the need for more frequent cleaning. A family restaurant, for example, may serve small children and, with them, come “icky fingers”. Children love windows leaving behind a fingerprinted window and a pretty unappetizing image of quality and cleanliness you’re trying to project to patrons.

While there are no fast-and-hard rules, many things influence how often you call in the commercial window cleaning professionals. Items including location, landscaping, weather, and your structure all impact the amount of time between cleanings.


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