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Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

It’s time to clear away the clutter and move things out of your way!

Spring-Time will be upon is in a few short weeks and with it, spring cleaning. Contact The Liberty Group to help you get organized and clear away those unneeded items!

Step 1: Determine the “disaster area(s)” in your home or office.

Nearly every home and office has room or corner where things collect. Create a de-cluttering checklist. It’s a lot easier to de-clutter when you have a visual representation of where you need to get started.

View your office/home as a first-time visitor. It’s easy to “forget” what your home looks like to someone new. Enter the area as if you’re visiting for the first time Write down your first impression on how clean and organized this space and make changes.

Step 2: Place “paper only”into boxes.

If your desk is barely visible (thanks to a jumble of papers), now’s the time to sort through them. Set up 3 boxes: One for papers to shred or toss; One for documents to file away or scan; And one for things you need to take action on. If most of your work-related documents are digital, go ahead and spend some time organizing and cleaning those up, too. Even though digital clutter isn’t visible, it can be just as detrimental to your productivity.

Step 3: Determine what needs organizing. Here are a few examples:

  • Clear out old papers from the filing cabinets using the same“3-box method” described in “Step 2”.
  • Organize the storage room. Purge unwanted items.
  • Get rid of old Tax documents.You need only keep most recent 7 years, including your filing and all accompanying documents such as W-2s and receipts.
  • Determine if old client files and records really need to be kept.
  • Purge old bank statements (over 1 month), ATM receipts, cancelled and voided check, credit card bills (max 7 years if needed for taxes), paychecks (1 year).

It’s also a good idea to get in the habit of going through your stored documents on a regular basis. Try to do this when paying monthly bills, filing your quarterly or annual taxes, or taking care of a similar recurring task so you remember and your keep your paperwork from getting out of hand.

Step 4: Call or email Liberty with your box count. Liberty will provide pricing.

The Liberty Group Company is happy to work with you to develop a destruction schedule that fits your budget.Call 800-524-0567 or complete our convenient online FREE consultation form.

Step 5: Liberty will arrange a day to come to your office/home to perform onsite document shredding.

The Liberty Group Company can provide the secure on-site destruction services for both your company and home needs. We’ll take all the necessary precautions to ensure complete document and product destruction, producing the most secure shred size in the mobile shredding industry.

  • Scheduled shredding
  • call-in shredding for special projects
  • high-security disintegration
  • scheduled shredding for home and office
  • low-security paper and electronics recycling

Step 6: Liberty provides a certificate of destruction.

Upon completion of the project you will receive certificates of destruction which document the date and time your materials are destroyed.

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