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Tips for Moving in the Fall

Tips for Moving in the Fall

A large portion of the USA is experiencing the wonderful cool &crisp air that comes with the fall season. This annual change gets so many people motivated to wrap up chores before winter sets in and at The Liberty Group, we see manycustomers moving too! Cool mornings are perfect for packing up and sorting through what stays and what goes in preparation for your upcoming move. Another benefit for those who’re moving is that the summer moving rush is over and you could very well capitalize on lower rates and a better selection of dates for your fall move.

What to Expect When Moving in the Fall

Spring and summer have been the busiest season for movers and moving throughout history. Due to the high demand for moving services during these periods, movers can get premium rates for their services. Once the kids go back to schools and the temperatures start dropping you can enjoy the benefits of off-peak moving services and pricing. At this stage of the year, your optimum moving date should be much easier to schedule with less of a demand on most movers’ calendars.

When moving during peak season, movers will often request 3-4 weeks’ notice for a scheduled move, moving in the fall can in some cases shorten that to a10-14 day notice for the moving company. Note: We always suggest booking a minimum 30 days in advance – more time provides for easier scheduling of your utilities, etc. and greater accuracy for your moving company.

When moving in the summer, you have to pay attention to those pesky summer rainstorms and the unforgiving heat and humidity. During a fall move the temperatures tend to bemore conducive to physical labor. These temperatures are much more comfortable for the movers! In addition, running the heat or air conditioner with the front door remaining open can lead for a high last utility bill. This represents another cost savings you’ll enjoy in the fall.

Book Your Moving Truck and Service

When you contact The Liberty Group to book your move, we’ll do our best to get your move scheduled on the date or closest date you desire.Moving during the off-peak season makes it much easier to book your desired move date. You may also want to consider when choosing your date, to avoid scheduling your move at the end of the month when most people are moving.

Plan Ahead

Whether moving around the block or across the country, we understand a move often feels quite hectic. To alleviate some of this, we suggest customers start by thinking ahead about each step of your move. Be sure you plan ahead and set up all your utility accounts in advance, some items on the list like internet and alarm services could take some time to arrange installation. If the weather forecast looks to be “wet”, consider purchasing waterproof packing boxes along with water-resistant coverings for your valuable and antique furniture. If the forecast is predicting cold temperatures at your destination, you may want to arrange having furnace properly set the day before your arrival to prevent a chilly atmosphere upon arrival.

Prepare Your Pathways

Do your best to keep your pathways clean and clear. Though fall leaves are beautiful to see they are be dangerous on the walkway, especially if wet! You may even want to keep a broom near the entrance so that the pathway can be kept clear for your moving team.

Moving Yourself and Family to Your New Home

If you’re traveling to your new destination in your personal vehicle be sure to schedule and perform a service check a few weeks in advance of your move. Have a service department change engine oil, check and or rotate the tires, fill wiper fluid, check antifreeze, inspect belts and brakes, etc. We want you to arrive safely and comfortably at your destination!

Personal Items to Pack

When packing, consider the items you and your family will need for the duration of the move. This list could include seasonal clothing, personal toiletries and medications, a first aid kit, hobby and gym apparel, personal refillable water bottles, notebook, electronic chargers, etc. Set these items aside. Be sure to list these items you will need as you think of them and when you set aside or pack them keep all in one place. We strongly suggest using a separate box or container for each person in your family.


Those who are able to move in the fall have several advantages. And thoughthe change itself is often challenging and requires hard work, starting preparations early will most certainly benefit you!By choosing The Liberty Group Movers you’ll guarantee the smoothest experience possible with the industry’s best trained teams!

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