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Understanding Costs Related to Your Moving Estimate

Understanding Costs Related to Your Moving Estimate

Shopping for your upcoming move can leave you with many concerns. No one wants to deal with last minute surprises or increases in costs on moving day and that’s why many consider finding and contracting a professional mover as an important first step to planning your relocation. The lowest price may not necessarily get you the moving experience you’re expecting.

Finding the best Professional Mover

As adults, we learned long ago that “all businesses are not created equal”. If you’ve contacted several moving companies, you’ll find this to be true as well. With a wide selection of movers available, you’ll discover vast differences in the areas of experience, reliability, ethics, additional services offered, equipment, and areas served.

Take the time to do some research. Ask for references and check online reviews at BBB and Angie’s List, etc. You should always check out the moving company’s website for various awards (yes, we all like to brag). Once you have your “short-list”, verify their credentials and check their carrier number here. 

After you’ve taken time to create your list and note your quality options, we suggest contacting your top 3 moving companies for estimates. Most quotes are provided free of charge. 

Understanding the Costs of a Move

There are a wide variety of circumstances that can affect your moving estimate. In addition to the weight of your belongings and the distance to be moved, the season and day of the week you choose for your move can also be determining factors. Below are additional items that you may not have considered:

Additional Services: When you are hiring professional movers, you need to remember that you are being billed not only for travel and equipment, but also for the time the crew is on the job. Many professional movers provide packing services, but you can shave some expense off the bottom line if you choose to pack some or all your belongings yourself, in advance. To ensure the safety of fragile items, you may leave the packing of those items for the trained professionals. On that note, items that need special packaging and handling typically will have additional costs applied. If you can disassemble furniture yourself, doing so will save some of that time for the moving-crew and reduce your moving costs.

Truck Parking and Access: Consider where the moving truck will need to park for loading and unloading your belongings. Will they have access to off-street parking at your front door? Will the moving company have to block part of a two-lane street or require a special permit? If the moving truck cannot park in close proximity, will the moving company have to bring in a smaller van to shuttle your belongings from parking to final destination? You may be charged a long-carry fee if the distance from the truck is more than 50 feet. 

Loading and Unloading Your Belongings: Ensure the moving company is made aware of any possible obstacles they will be forced to navigate around, including turning or narrow staircases or elevators. Do you have narrow doorways or hallways that you will not be able to get your large items through? Will the moving company have to bring in a rigger to move large items out by crane, (piano, sculpture, artwork)? If so, each of these items will need to be addressed to get an accurate estimate.

Storage Service Loading and Delivery: Oftentimes the date to vacate one location and the date to occupy the new location are not the same. In this case you may need the mover to store your belongings for days, weeks or longer. If there’s any delay in property closing, or final building inspections you should inquire what the cost will be in case of unexpected delays in completing your move.

Moving Season: Any moving professional will tell you that summer is the busiest moving time of the year. What this means for you is that moving in the summer will come at a higher cost. During peak months you will need to schedule your preferred moving date well in advance. Scheduling your move, if it is at all possible, between the months of September to May will most likely translate into a cost savings option for you.  Additional costs are expectable when you choose to move on a national holiday or at the first or last day of a calendar month. Because most rental agreements expire at these times, they’re considered “peaks” and are in higher demand.

Wrapping Up…

Professional Moving companies have to earn their reputation with each and every job. As professional movers, we assume each move requires honesty, reliability and trustworthiness. Putting the client first has to be the ultimate goal at Liberty Movers and we’ll do all that we can to ensure you have a safe move at a fair price with exceptional customer service.

From pre-planning to unpacking, our trained and professional teams are ready to make your next move your best move. We offer FREE in-person and virtual estimates that can be scheduled at your convenience. Be sure to ask our representatives about the best methods to moving and protecting your personal and commercial items. Let Liberty quote your next move. We look forward to making your relocation a smooth success! https://thelibertygroupcompany.com/

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