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What is the best time of year to move?

What is the best time of year to move?

After much contemplation you have decided it’s time move. Since, you’ve figured out the “where”, now it’s time to determine “when”. Sometimes you don’ have much of a choice in your moving dates because your move is based on a corporate relocation or even the start of a new job. But if you are in no hurry, we encourage you to use your time and research your most cost-effective options. When planning a move, timing is everything. Take into consideration our tips on choosing the best Season, Month, Week, Day, & Time to move. A little pre-planning may even save you money!

Picking the Best Month to Move

Most Americans plan their move between the months of May and September. Home-selling season begins peaking in the spring and trickles into the summer. The summer months — including June, July, and August — will be the busiest moving months, meaning moving and packing services will be in the highest demand.

If you live in the southern states where summer temperatures can get seriously high, sweltering-humidity can make moving during these months less favorable. This season can easily over-task an air conditioner with the door held open all day for the movers. September through April is a nice wide window for a southern state move and is also an advantage because moving services are more readily available. If you must move during the summer months, start the process as soon as possible in the day. Schedule early mornings or later in the afternoon after the heat of the day starts to wane.

Most reputable long distance moving companies will offer you moving checklists and some great packing tips to help you stay on task, and know that the sooner you get your move dates on the calendar, the easier it will be to plan what needs to get done leading up to the day of the move.

Which is the Best Season to Move?

Every season has pros and cons to choose from when it comes to moving. One of the easiest choices is to consider hiring a professional moving company, like Mayflower, to do all the heavy lifting for you. The information below is designed to help you weigh the pros and cons and determine when the best time to move is based on your individual needs, timeline and budget.
The longer the distance of your move, the more likely that challenges will be encounter. Relocating is an enormous change for everyone in the family, especially for school-age children. Transitioning to a different school, losing connection with familiar friends & having the challenge of making new friends, all while navigating unknown territory can be quite stressful for children of any age. Most young families with children will prefer not to uproot in the middle of the school year if at all possible. The choice of waiting to move until the summer will help minimize the disruption emotionally and educationally. Summer-moves help to reduce these types of experiences during a move.

Spring & Summer is Peak

Spring and summer bring mild weather and do tend to be some of the busier month in the Real Estate industry. Therefore, they are also busy moving seasons. For those selling their home when the weather is nice brings the added benefit of being the best time to show off landscaping and curb appeal. In the northern part of the United States, after being cooped up all winter, folks are often eager to take advantage of the milder weather. Many want to get out and look at prospective houses. The “extra daylight” that accompanies summer, provides more time during the early evening for extra home-shopping time as well. However, the fact that more people are moving during Spring and Summer can be the downside to moving at this time. Due to demand, scheduling is a bit more difficult and reserving the exact dates and times you desire can take a lot of work. In addition, prices are not at seasonal lows. If you choose to move during this peak season, you are more likely to pay a premium for a professional moving service.

It’s the Dead of Winter

It’s the middle of winter and you’re wondering if you should move? The answer will depend on the weather of the month, week and day.

During a winter move you may have to deal with bitter cold temperatures, slippery walkways, icy roads, winds, slush and generally undesirable conditions, even on sunny days. The bonus to consider weighing your decision against the unpredictable challenges is that there are more movers and trucks available as demand for moving services is down. Choosing Professional movers is a good choice. In this instance Professional movers will have the experience you want when dealing with the difficult circumstances winter can provide.

Please note, moving during the winter season will probably take a bit more planning and preparation, including salting and shoveling walkways & driveways, protecting the floors in both locations from the wet and salty elements. Remember to keep a keen eye on the weather forecast. Most professional moving companies can help you navigate these items. The big advantage of course is that winter months are considered off-peak season and offer you greater flexibility in scheduling your move.

Early Spring & Late Fall DO have advantages

Overall, early spring and late fall moves bring mild temperatures and you still may be able to snag a good deal and have less trouble scheduling, the best of both worlds you could say! The key is often “flexibility”.

The bottom line is really disruption of your family

In our opinion, if you have children – moving in the summer is best. If you’re interested in a lower cost, ease of scheduling, and don’t mind dealing with changing weather conditions – winter is a good option.

Is There a Best Week of the Month to Move?

Your best option is to schedule your move in the middle of the month. Many residential leases will begin (and end) on or close to the first and last day of the month, leading to more demand for moving professionals during this time of the month. You may even be offered discounted rates if you choose to move mid-month.

There is a Best Time of Day to Move

Get an early start on your move! Moving requires strenuous physical labor and starting early in the morning hours will help make your move a bit easier as morning bring cooler temperatures. Starting early in the day will help you to maximize the daylight hours. It is a nice way to wrap up the day, with dinner and a sunset.

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