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Planning for MOVE OUT Day

Planning for MOVE OUT Day

After hours of packing and perhaps months of planning, moving day is finally here! The efforts you made to declutter and downsize items you no longer need have given you a sense of accomplishment. You are now surrounded with boxes and preparing for the movers to arrive. But you may still feel overwhelmed!

Review Your To Do List

If you were keeping a running list of to do items as you worked through the moving process (a great way not to forget something), on moving day most items should be checked off this list, leaving only a few final items to address at the old location with the movers and at the new location.

The Plan for Moving Day

Plan to start your day out bright eyed and bushy-tailed – go to bed early the night before your move as the next day is going to be a long day). If you’re moving in the summer, as many choose to do, the heat of the day can drain your energy, so remember to stay hydrated!

Dress for the Move

You will want to dress comfortably and in clothing that will enable you to do the lifting and cleaning you’ll be busy with during move out day.  Select lightweight clothing that is not prone to “snagging”. In winter, remember that layers are usually better than just one heavy sweater or sweatshirt. Layers will allow you to add or remove without overheating. Wear shoes that are comfortable and that have closed toes to protect your feet from dropped items and stubbing toes in unfamiliar locations.

Get the Kids and Pets Settled for the Day

Get them all an early meal and gather up their moving day items. Time to get the kids to a family member or friend’s house, for a day of fun and goodbyes. Drop the pets off with a pet sitter, vet or kennel so you are free to get to the business at hand – MOVING!

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Be sure to be home on time to Meet the Movers

When the Movers Arrive

Take a few moments and welcome the movers, either friends, professionals, or both. Explain to them any concerns that may relate to the move such as parking, stairs, tight corners they may have to navigate, and advise them of fragile items that may need extra attention. Also, show them where to get cold drinks or coffee and snacks if you are providing those.

Be sure to set aside any items that you will be taking with you in your vehicle or consider pre-loading them to be sure all will fit in your vehicle. 

Be sure to label and set aside any items that are unsafe for the professional movers to load. Many cleaning items contain hazardous chemicals that cannot be loaded in the moving trucks. Have a plan to dispose or donate these items before vacating the location.

Late Morning on Move Out Day

It is time to wrap up any last-minute packing. Items that you needed to have the night before, phone chargers, snacks, items you will need for the first night in your new home, etc. If you packed a first night box, it should now be loaded in your vehicle or if you have to put it in the moving truck it should be the last items to be loaded and the first items to be unloaded.

The Remaining Hours on Move Out Day

You’ve likely had a very busy morning. Take a few minutes and review your list. If you’re not able to get to everything remaining, take a breath. Now is the time to start prioritizing and be sure to get the most important items completed.

Review and Sign Paperwork with the Onsite Moving Team

Before the movers drive off you’ll need to sign the Bill of Lading, review your inventory list of valuables (High Value Inventory Form), and get the answers to any final questions you have. Remember your Liberty moving coordinator is there for you!

Take out the Trash and Touch Up

Take a few minutes after the location is empty to wipe down the counters and other surfaces, sweep up any remaining debris that may have been tracked in, and take out the trash. Leave the home the way you want to find your new location. It’s the right thing to do.

Take One Last Look Around

It’s now time for the final walkthrough. Give each room a bit of time and attention. Check closets, shelves, cabinets, and storage areas for anything that might have been missed. Remember the attic and basement, if you have one! Be sure to walk through the yard and storage shed as well.

Before you lock up, be sure to turn off the heater or air conditioning unit, turn off lights and double check that all windows and doors are locked. Leave any finals instructions, keys, remotes for garage or cameras in a visible or pre planned location. Take a deep breath, and head out to your new home confident that nothing has been missed. The next time you wake up, you will be in a new location, beginning a new chapter in your book of life!

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