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4 Things You Should Request When Contracting a Snow Removal Service

4 Things You Should Request When Contracting a Snow Removal Service

Building managers appreciate the value of fast, efficient, and professional snow removal from their properties. Snow build-up can not only cause harm to individuals but also can cause physical damage to property leading to costly lawsuits.

Companies want their parking lots and pathways cleared of ice and snow as quickly as possible. However, in their haste to get the job done, many building managers can overlook a few important items when signing the service contract.

Below are some items you should not miss:

  1. Insurance – Is the company you are contracting FULLY insured

While this probably won’t make a big difference to the quality of work being completed, insurance coverage should be the very first thing you confirm. If any damage is done throughout the snow removal process (especially if there is ice involved) you want to be sure the service will be covered with enough insurance coverage to pay for those damages. Without insurance, even small accidents can quickly accumulate into astronomical bills.

Insurance documentation should be readily provided by a reputable company. In addition check their workmen’s compensation and liability coverage.


  1. Timing

One of the main concerns of snow removal is timing. Completing a job done 2 days after a snow storm is just not acceptable and it surely will not help keep your facilities open and operating smoothly (or safely). Look for average response times in the range of one to three hours. If your contractors are taking considerably longer than this, then your employees, customers, and residents are most likely standing around looking forward to mounds of snow to be removed so that they can safely park to work.


  1. Scope of Services

Different companies can provide a range of services for your business, and you should be sure to compare quotes carefully.

Full service clearing: Will they include sidewalk, entrance & parking lot snow removal?

Full removing:  Where will they put the removed snow – or will it be hauled offsite? Is it a complete service, removing all the snow property areas or are they clearing only pathways leaving snow banked off to the side in piles?

Location-specific materials: What type of de-icers  and de-icing chemicals are to be used? This is really important if your company has invested a large amount in specialized landscaping. Businesses with specialty plant life, local visiting wildlife, or provides access to or through their property to children in the vicinity will want to confirm that none of the materials being used are harmful or unsafe.

  1. Communication

How well did your snow removing service communicate with you last winter? Are they responsive and kind on the phone when you call?

In the event that you could not get in touch with your snow removal company promptly last year, what systems have they put in place to be more responsive this year? Are you willing to chance a communication failure again this year?  Snow removal contractor should be easy to contact, promptly available to answer your questions, and be responsive to your property clearing needs.


If the current snow removing company isn’t providing you with the best service possible, we ask that you contact us at The Liberty Group where you will find that we are a professional commercial snow removal service (before winter begins). By securing contract early you will not have to settle for a sub-par, unprofessional service that will deliver incomplete results. Taking some time now to consider these guidelines, and rest well knowing that your commercial property is clean and clear all winter long.

The Liberty Group specializes in building maintenance services for our customers in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Since 1920, we have been providing quality solutions in the area of building maintenance ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. Call today for more information on  our Snow Removal Service 800-524-0567

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