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4 Tips for Decorating Your Lobby So It Makes an Awesome Impression

4 Tips for Decorating Your Lobby So It Makes an Awesome Impression

What does your office say about your company? Can’t tell because you’ve been there so long and have gotten used to it? Ask some of your best customers that you trust for their honest opinion. Or, you could follow the tips in this guide and avoid any awkward interaction in the first place. Here’s what you should do: 1. It’s the Little Things that Count For just a few bucks, you can buy new plants or throw on a fresh coat of paint. That’s what AllBusiness.com recommends anyway. And why not do it? It’s a small investment and if it makes a better impression on your customers, that makes more sales for you. 2. Brand It, Just Like You Do Everything at Your company Ron Carson runs a financial planning company. Even though that’s a professional service, he makes some good points you should follow with your business, regardless of the kind it is:

  • Have tasteful and comfortable furniture
  • Use the right music to set the mood
  • Fill the air with a pleasing aroma (in this case it was cookies)

If you offer a relaxing experience, you’ll have warmer, more receptive clients and customers when you actually start talking and conducting business with them. 3. Keep Adults and Kids Entertained You’ve heard of so many businesses that have play areas/daycares for young children. If your customer/client type will commonly have children with them, make sure you have an engaging play area ready. And here’s maybe the one you didn’t think of…keep your clients entertained too. Maybe you should have an iPad or two available so they can browse the web as they see fit. It could be as simple as having the types of magazines that your clients want to read. Adults can get as bored and impatient as your children, so make sure you have a way of keeping them entertained, says energycentral. 4. Use the Right Paint Color for the Effect You Want to Achieve This website notes these colors have these effects:

  • Corporations – Use natural colors like cream and beige (makes you look sophisticated)
  • Blue – Honesty loyalty, security, and confidence
  • Green – Calming, growth, money (dark green indicates wealth and prestige)
  • Navy blue/burgundy – Control, responsibility, and confidence

The brighter the color you choose, the more casual you come across. Choose the right one for the impression you want to make. Decorate to Please Your Employees and Target Customers Your employees spend most of their adult lives at your office, so it makes sense that it’s a pleasant space for both them and your customers. Don’t try to please everyone – because you most certainly won’t. Instead, think of the ideal customer you want to attract, and cater to their needs exclusively. Every detail of your business, including your front office, should be tailored to match their tastes. Do that sand your business will make a powerful impact on all visitors.

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