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Professionalism and Confidence are the keys to GREAT Commercial Moves

In every commercial move, the customer must have a sense of confidence they made the right decision hiring your company. Professionalism and confidence are two of the most important factors in a successful commercial move. Give them a plan of what to expect and set their expectations about what to experience during a commercial move. Tell them what type of person they will see on their crew and give them details like each crew member working on their property has undergone thorough background screening and drug testing. This will help reinforce with the customer they made the right decision hiring you for the commercial move.

Here are 5 Code of Conduct rules for a successful commercial move:

  1. Safety is job #1 for all crew members, service providers and customer staff.
  2. Provide outstanding quality service every time.
  3. Open communication between the customer and crew members is critical.
  4. Each crew member must be professional and respectful to others and always be in uniform.
  5. Immediately deal with issues if necessary as soon as they come and resolve to the customer’s satisfaction.

Source: http://officemovingcrn.com/professionalism-and-confidence-are-the-keys-to-great-commercial-moves/

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