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The Gift of Cherished Lives

The Gift of Cherished Lives


In December 1992, Morrill Worcester of Columbia falls Maine had a surplus and an idea.

As the founder of Worcester Wreath Company, they’d had a very good year and discovered there were far more wreaths than expected. With an entire tractor-trailer full (about 5,000 wreaths) Morrill recalled something from his youth.

As a paperboy, Morrill won an opportunity to visit Washington DC. The experience of Arlington National Cemetery made a profound impression on Morrill which returned to him in 1992. He decided that his company would donate, transport and place these wreaths at the headstones of Arlington. This quiet and heartfelt gesture went mostly unnoticed for about 15 years until a photographer captured an image shortly after the fragrant balsam wreaths had been placed.

Thanks to the internet, that image created quite a stir as well as another opportunity. Americans by the hundreds and now hundreds of thousands donate time and treasure to remember the lives of those who gave everything they had for their country.

Wreaths Across America was founded when it became apparent that many felt the tug to celebrate the lives of our fallen soldiers in cemeteries all over the United States. This year The Liberty Moving Company began participating with Wreaths Across America as our Operations Team and Warehouse Coordinators volunteered. Another 4 family members joined us in supporting these efforts. As of December 17, 2016, Liberty has transported 3,195 wreaths to 10 cemeteries in our region.

It’s an honor to serve alongside so many business people, families and veterans as we’re impacted by the lives that were given to sustain ours as a nation. If you’d like to learn more or become involved, click here. Once you experience the hearts of those in your own city as well as the like-minded people across the country, you’ll see why Liberty Moving has become involved.

Happy Holidays!

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