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Why pay for Office Space Decommissioning

Leases end and you, the tenant, are left with the responsibility of Office Space Decommissioning (returning your old office space to the condition specified in your contract). Regardless of the time you have spent in the space, you will have hours of work preparing for the final walk-through.

Here are a few of the items that The Liberty Group can handle on your behalf:

1. Our team will verify the required condition of the property meets the conditions of your contract, we will meet with the property managers to make sure all elements of the contract are met..
2. Cabling Removal – Yes we do that also! Cable wrecking is typically required by most leases. Whether it’s for voice or data purposes, it all needs to go. We decommission many thousands of feet of cabling from offices each year!
3. Cleaning and patching. Every office needs cleaned. mounting hardware will need removed from walls. New Paint is often requires. Carpets and windows will need to be cleaned and garbage will need to be removed. All will be done based on your leasing contract. Remember, You Do It for Everyone’s Benefit!
Moves often involve getting rid of old, unnecessary items. Let us dispose of any unwanted materials that surface during the moving process. Our e-waste disposal is certified as a green method, because we care about the environment as much as we care about helping you move quickly and soundly.

Our recycle/disposal services include:
Furniture Recycling
Liquidation Assistance
E-waste Certification & Disposal
Secured Document Shredding Services
Purge and Recycle Bins
Moving Crates
Computer Crates

What could go wrong without a carefully planned decommission? Quite a bit. In some cases such as in manufacturing moves Asbestos-containing materials, PCBs and ozone-depleting substances could be present and need to be dealt with. Think of the negative publicity that could be avoided…. Think of what could go wrong with your company! Make sure you have a thorough checklist and the knowledgeable experts from The Liberty Group in place to help with your decommission.

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