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The importance of a pre-move meeting

The importance of a pre-move meeting

An important objective of the pre-move meeting is to schedule the migration of employees and assign them to a new office space. You need to think of ways to house the office furniture, equipment and files.

It’s time to review your moving plan with your staff. It will be  necessary to take into account the  way your team works together – teamwork, staff relations, office workers. You also need to be sure that each individual department is able to produce & maintain an effective and fast communication. It is important to involve your employees before you make the final decisions that could affect their workflow

The success of your moving plan can be determined by the amount of feedback you receive in this meeting. Your looking for more positive opinions than the negatives, then your plan is right.


You need to designate office relocation managers for each department and they should prepare in advance a list of responsible people who will be involved in the event. It will be their responsibility to establish who will take care of specific duties in  both the old and new offices. To avoid unpleasant idle time take care to reserve the parking spaces near the old and the new offices. Arrange for the most convenient location, as close to the entrance as possible, so the removal team does not waste time and effort on carrying assigned items and possessions over long distances.



For every member of your office the move is a significant change, and the work  completing the  move makes a huge part of everybody’s life. If you take the time during a pre-move meeting you plan everything as it should be. This will prevent  a surprise, a stress or an excessive excitement the day(s) of the move. This will also let your staff gradually get used to the idea that their  working environment is about to change.


To avoid any misunderstandings equally inform  all employees. Itemize your meeting points,  distribute list & request  everybody involved in the move and at the meeting to refer to it. This is an excellent way to inform your employees  of who will be  organizing  their specific department through the move and to direct them to those persons with specific questions about the move.

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