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Benefits from Signing an MSA and Partnering with The Liberty Group for Facility Services

At Liberty Facility Services, our goal is to make your life easier. Your LFS Project Manager provides you a SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT who will service all of your facility needs, regardless of size. We have the expertise to customize cost-effective solutions to accommodate any property’s needs. No more tracking down Carpenters, Cleaners and Landscapers yourself! With Liberty as your strategic partner, your company can improve efficiencies by utilizing external labor resources to manage and execute a variety of small to mid-sized projects. Partnership benefits include:

 On-call services as requested and approved by you and/or your facilities site management team.
 SINGLE POINT-OF-CONTACT to handle all of your maintenance needs.
 Simplify your facility department’s process & efficiencies.
 Improve quality of service where possible.
 Financial savings and a simplified “one-bill” for your accounting department.
 Risk management.
 Preventative Maintenance.
 Increase visibility of invoice detail to include as much job specific detail as possible with supporting backup documentation. Work order reports will also note identify the volume of work order requests.

We understand that your primary focus is on obtaining business objectives and developing in your industry. That is why we provide complete care and attention for your facilities so you can put your focus where it belongs. When you need exceptional building maintenance services at a cost effective price, look no further than The Liberty Group. We know how to excel in facilities maintenance using the most effective methods and equipment. Let us keep your business in pristine condition so you can put your attention on what matters most. As your main contact, we handle all aspects of your business maintenance needs. We will maintain your properties so you can concentrate on your core business.
We look forward to speaking with you to show you how we can help your business! Call today 800-524-0567 or visit us online at http://libertymaintenancenj.com/

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