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Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Are you practicing preventative HVAC maintenance?

We know that running your business is a full time job. But what about the time it takes to maintain your facility? When is there time to manage that? At Liberty Group we are here to assist you with all aspects of your building’s maintenance. When you pay attention to the upkeep of your facility you can avoid costly emergency repairs and equipment failures which can eat into your hard-earned budget (and profit margin). We are providing you this blog series on building maintenance to show you the tasks we can manage for you – HVAC, roofing, plumbing and lighting – in good working order. Schedule your Spring HVAC inspection today and let us show you how we can save you time and money!


Taking some time off-season to spend some quality time inspecting and servicing  your heating and cooling equipment can preserve energy efficiency and indoor air quality.


* Inspect equipment at least twice a year. Seasonal start-up and run inspections will make sure your equipment ready for the heavy use seasons. Look for noticeable issues like  gasket repairs, and missing screws. Pre-season is also the time to recharge P-traps or U-bend water traps for condensate drain pans.

* Seasonal preventative maintenance of chillers – have a qualified mechanical contractor provide these services.

* Disassemble screens and access panels on cooling towers for inspection; inspect the tower fill port, support structure, sump & spray nozzles, fill valve, gear box, drive coupling, fan blades, and motor bearings; clean starter and cabinet; inspect all wiring for wear; check motor starter contacts for wear and proper operation; and check the condition of the sump heater and contactor points. A log of these operations and results/maintenance should be kept on file.

* Maintain your pumps. Pumps usually require bearing lubrication at least annually. Inspect couplings, check for leaks, and investigate unusual noises.

* Change your filters regularly – Air handling unit maintenance should include cleaning or replacing air filters at least once a month.

* The condenser coil need maintenance also. Coil cleaner should be applied  and wiped off. Panels will need to be removed  to access the coil,  it is best that you use a licensed contractor for this task.

* Periodically your maintenance provider should inspect settings for energy efficiency, particularly the compressor, refrigerant charge and thermal expansion valve (if applicable).

* Have an economizer? Did you know dampers can malfunction if they become corroded or jammed with debris? Scheduled maintenance can keep tabs on all moving parts, including the actuator, linkages, and  seals. It is important to properly calibrate sensors at least once a year.

As a business, you must remember that your heating and air conditioning system is pretty important to the business on many levels.

It just so happens that commercial air conditioning systems use a WHOLE lot of energy and can cost a lot of money to run. Regular maintenance provided by The Liberty Group  will keep your company and clients comfortable and save you expensive breakdowns!

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