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Preventative Roofing Maintenance

Preventative Roofing Maintenance

Are you practicing preventative roofing maintenance?

We know that running your business is a full time job. But what about the time it takes to maintain your facility? When is there time to manage that? At Liberty Group we are here to assist you with all aspects of your building’s maintenance. When you pay attention to the upkeep of your facility you can avoid costly emergency repairs and equipment failures which can eat into your hard-earned budget (and profit margin). We are providing you this blog series on building maintenance to show you the tasks we can manage for you – HVAC, roofing, plumbing and lighting – in good working order. Schedule your Spring Roofing Inspection today and let us show you how we can save you time and money!


Protect  yourself from recurring issues & unexpected failures by inspecting and maintaining your roofing system. Preventive maintenance including  inspections and corrective actions will extend the time between roof replacements.

* Inspection of your roof at least twice a year and after any severe storm.

* We will create a roofing inspection report for each building and log warranty information.

* We can schedule and clear roof drains of debris preventing water from backing up and causing damage from pooling water).

* Our team will annually inspect  the perimeter of your roof to examine sheet metal, copings, and previously repaired sections.

* We will take the time to thoroughly check roof-to-wall connections & examine flashings  for wrinkles  tearing and wear.

* Roofing maintenance for single-ply roofs includes re-caulking of the top of face-mounted termination bars (if needed).

* Roofing maintenance for bituminous roofs includes checking for splits in the stripping plies.

* Our roofing team will watch for an manage corrosion on metal roofs, typically caused by condensation from copper coils in rooftop installed HVAC units. We will provide a plan for installing ducting  for the water, caused by the condensation, to keep it from coming into contact with the roofing membrane, prolonging  the life of your roof.

* We will limit the traffic inspecting your roofing system to avoid membrane damage.

* We will inspect your solar panel mounts. If you have a rooftop solar array on your roof it needs to be inspected!, Building owners need to be aware that panels can become dislodged by a buildup of ice and snow in the winter months. Inspection of the  the racks and areas around mounting penetrations will be inspected during our regular walkthroughs.

The roof is a commercial building’s first line of defense from natural hazards such as wind, rain, fire, hail, ice, snow, and extreme heat. Daily your roof is exposed to elements that will contribute to decay and deterioration, increasing the risk of failure. The Liberty Group will set in palace for you a regular program of inspection, maintenance, and repair—activities that should already be part of your operational planning –  to prolong the life of your roof and ensure it does its job in protecting your business, inside and out, from weather damage.

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