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Preventative Lighting Maintenance

Preventative Lighting Maintenance

Are you practicing preventative lighting maintenance?

We know that running your business is a full time job. But what about the time it takes to maintain your facility? When is there time to manage that? At Liberty Group we are here to assist you with all aspects of your building’s maintenance. When you pay attention to the upkeep of your facility you can avoid costly emergency repairs and equipment failures which can eat into your hard-earned budget (and profit margin). We are providing you this blog series on building maintenance to show you the tasks we can manage for you – HVAC, roofing, plumbing and lighting – in good working order. Schedule your lighting inspection today and let us show you how we can save you time and money!

Haphazardly maintained lighting fixtures can fail to deliver energy savings and lower light quality. In addition, improperly functioning lighting can be dangerous for staff and clientele.

* Inspections at regular intervals, with group re-lamping when lamps begin to fail should be planned.
* Routinely check any types of luminaries that have transformers, control gears, or additional accessories.
* Checking exterior lights to make sure cables aren’t torn , chewed, or damaged in any other way is very important. All screws and hardware should be securely in place and working, outdoor lighting gaskets should be replaced when aging to provide a better watertight seal.
* Replace any burned-out lamps and consider group re-lamping. To create your re-lamping schedule, By calculating lamp life and how often lamps are used you can set a proper maintenance schedule.
* Check lamp positioning. Re-aim adjustable lighting as necessary. Dust lamps and clean lens surfaces to enhance lighting performance.

The Liberty Group believes that lighting maintenance is more than replacing a burned-out bulb. Our maintenance services team takes a complete look at your needs, including materials and labor. As a result, we can save you money by minimizing return trips as well as getting (and keeping) your facilities up and running efficiently.

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